Far Cry 6 Sanguinario Location - Mythical Animals

Mythical Animals are a special type of beast that you will be able to hunt in Far Cry 6, and the elusive Sanguinario is a particularly hard one to catch. There are several reasons why this is the case, and we will go over all of them in this Far Cry 6 Sanguinario Location – Mythical Animals guide. While Mythical Animals are tough fights against dangerous foes, you will want to do them in order to get the entire Primal gear set. So lets get into everything you need to know about the Sanguinario, starting with where you can find it.

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Far Cry 6 Sanguinario Location - Mythical Animals

Where is the Mythical Animal Sanguinario Location in FC6

There are several ways that you can find this out. The first one involves purchasing its location from the Hunter’s Lodge once you upgrade it to Level 3. This costs 500 Pesos and it will then reveal the location on the map. The other way is that you can randomly stumble into it and find the Sanguinario by accident. The third and easiest way is to look at our map screenshot below, where we’ve marked its exact location. In any case, you should be aware that Sanguinario can only be found there after dark. If you go there during the day, you won’t encounter it.

Like the Oluso amigo, Sanguinario is also a stealth-oriented hunter. It will try and ambush you when you least suspect it. Similarly to all the other Mythical Animals, Sanguinario will be accompanied by several other jaguars. You should first take care of these distractions and then focus all of your attention to killing Sanguinario. Once it is down, it will drop the Sanguinario pelt. You can trade this in a Hunter’s Lodge. When you do, you will receive the unique Primal Pants leg gear as your reward. While wearing them, these pants increase your arrow reserve.

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