Far Cry 6 Oluso Amigo Location - How to Unlock the Panther Stealth Pet

The Oluso Amigo is a powerful stealth pet that you can unlock in Far Cry 6. However, in order to do this, you will need to solve one of the hardest and most complicated series of quests in the entire game. Though doing so is very much worth it, since this will get you not just Oluso, but other powerful – some might even say overpowered – stealth weapons and armor as well. To help you add the Oluso Stealth Amigo to your pet menagerie, our Far Cry 6 Oluso Amigo Location – How to Unlock the Panther Stealth Pet guide will tell you everything you need to know about where to find and how to use this pet.

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Far Cry 6 Oluso Amigo Location - How to Unlock the Stealth Pet

How to Unlock Oluso Amigo the Stealth Pet in FC6

To unlock the Oluso Amigo, you will need to find and deliver all three Triada Relics to the Oluwa Cave. This is a very long and involved quest which consists of three separate Treasure Hunts, which is why we recommend you read our Oluwa Cave Quest guide to find out how to complete it. In any case, once you bring back all three of these to the Oluwa Cave, you will open another section of the cave. In here, you will find a chest which will give you your Triador Stealth Suprimo and the La Varita Resolver rewards. However, as soon as you open the chest, Oluso will attack you.

When you defeat it, Oluso will now become one of your faithful Amigos. Being a stealth-oriented Amigo, Olugo is silent and very deadly, and his abilities reflect this. As a Shadow Striker empowered by the three Oluwas, these powers include:

  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck. This requires that Oluso kills 12 enemies in a restricted area. Afterwards, Oluso will be able to perform enemy takedowns.
  • Rage of Ida. To unlock this ability, Oluso will have to kill 24 enemies via takedown. This unlocks Oluso’s fear ability.
  • Mist of Oku. Oluso will have to inflict fear on 50 enemies. When unlocked, this ability will surround Oluso with a protective smoke when below 50% of health. In it, Oluso is immune to damage, more difficult to spot, and quickly regenerates health.
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