Far Cry 6 Depleted Uranium Locations and Anti-Aircraft Cannons Map

Depleted Uranium is one of the most important and hardest to obtain materials in Far Cry 6, since it can only be found at specific locations, near anti-aircraft cannons. Depleted Uranium is required if you want to buy all the Supremos and Resolver Weapons in the game. Every Anti-Aircraft Cannon has 50 Depleted Uranium. There are 26 anti-aircraft cannons in the game, and you will need to hit all of them to get every Supremo and Resolver. In this Far Cry 6 Depleted Uranium Locations and Anti-Aircraft Cannons Map guide, we will mark all the locations in the game where you can find anti-aircraft cannons and get Depleted Uranium.

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Far Cry 6 Depleted Uranium Locations and Anti-Aircraft Cannons Map

Anti-Aircraft Cannons & Depleted Uranium Locations Map FC6

Like we mentioned, Depleted Uranium is always found close to Anti-Aircraft cannons. While you don’t need to destroy them to get the uranium, doing so will liberate the airspace of that region and allow you to fly there. If you are unsure how to do this, we have a guide that explains how to destroy anti-aircraft cannons. To be able to get the “Friendly Skies” trophy, you will need to destroy at least 16. And, you will need a total of 1400 Depleted Uranium to obtain all the Supremos and Resolver Weapons to get the “Backpacking” trophy. You get 150 Uranium at the beginning, which means that you will need to loot almost every Anti-Aircraft cannon location.

anti-aircraft cannon
Anti-aircraft Cannon.

Every one of these Anti-Aircraft cannons is marked on the map below. The starting zone, Isla Santurio, has just one Anti-Aircraft cannon, codenamed Iota. Madrugada has seven: Gamma, Nu, Eta, Omicron, Pi, Phi, and Tau. The Valle De Oro region has nine: Alpha, Beta, Omega, Mu, Delta, Sigma, Kappa, Upsilon, and Epsilon. El Este has the following: Chi, Sampi, Ro, Theta, Xi, Psi, Lambda, and Zeta. The Isla Del Leon to the north is where Castillo Prime, the final anti-aircraft cannon, is located.

Depleted Uranium Locations and Anti-Aircraft Cannons Map
Depleted Uranium Locations and Anti-Aircraft Cannons Map.
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    Most interesting; in real life, anti-aircraft cannons no longer fire depleted uranium rounds. The Navy stopped acquiring them for its 20mm Phalanx Close-In-Weapons System before the 1991 Gulf War, but ships still were stocked with the rounds and about 3-5 of them hit the USS Missouri when a Phalanx fired at a sea skimming Iraqi missile. DU really is not required for an anti-aircraft round since aircraft and missiles are not armored and thus do not require an armor piercing round to kill them.

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