Photo Mode Far Cry 6 - How to Take Pictures

When it comes to how to take pictures in Far Cry 6 photo mode, the first order of business is to know where to find the FC6 photo mode. That part is pretty simple, you just need to know where to look. After that, there’s just the matter of deciding on how you want your photo to look. The developers really give you a ton of options to snap the ultimate pic, as we’ll explain in this guide.

photo mode far cry 6 how to take pictures
Photo Mode Far Cry 6 – How to Take Pictures

How to Take Pictures Far Cry 6 – Photo Mode

To take pictures in Far Cry 6 photo mode, the first thing you need to do is open the in-game menu and head to the System tab. On consoles, you do that by pressing RB/LB or R1/L1, and on PC, it’s Q and E. Once you get to that menu, simply scroll down and select Photo Mode. The same system works on every platform that you can play the game on, so there’s no chance of confusion. Once you’re in the photo mode, you can mess around with a truly staggering number of options to take the perfect picture.

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You can choose whether you want to take the picture in first person or third person. You can rotate the camera every which way, play with filters, change through a whole bunch of poses and even emotes. Want to add extra pizzazz? Why not include one of your amigos, or one of your vehicles, or random landmarks, or pyrotechnics? All of the above? Sure, that works too! When it comes to how to take pictures in Far Cry 6 photo mode, they really didn’t skimp on anything. Shame that they didn’t put the same energy in mission variety, but oh well.

If you want to see the scope of the FC6 photo mode, check out our video below. On the other hand, if you have more questions about the game, check out our expanding list of Far Cry 6 guides. Among other articles, we’ve written stuff like Access the Manager’s Office – The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt, Worker’s Key – The Long Drop Treasure Hunt, and HD Texture Pack – PC, PS5, Xbox.

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