Far Cry 6 Third Person

As you can see in our Far Cry 6 review, FC6 has made several changes to the tried and true formula of the series, and one of these is the way third person functions in the game. Long-time fans of this open-world FPS saga have often wondered what gameplay would look like in third-person mode, and Far Cry 6 has finally answered this question. But how does this adjustment of gameplay perspective work like in FC6 and what does it mean for the game as a whole? Our comprehensive Far Cry 6 Third Person guide explores this in depth.

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Far Cry 6 Third Person

Can You Play FC6 in Third Person Mode?

The answer to this question is yes. And not really. It’s a bit complicated. Third-person is only available while you are in camp. As soon as you enter the Guerilla camp, the perspective will automatically change to third-person, and you won’t be able to shift it back to first-person again. This is done for the sake of immersion and to give the entire game a more cinematic feel. Far Cry 6 is heavily centered on the protagonist, Dani Rojas, and you need to be able to see him or her in their entirety from time to time to better emphasize with them and their fight. This also allows you to see all the pieces of gear and customization options you have applied to Dani. When you leave the camp, you will no longer be able to play in third person mode.

Apart from the camp, you will also be able to see Dani, your protagonist avatar, in third-person during cutscenes. Again, this is done so that Dani will has more personality than most other previous Far Cry main characters. To summarize – at the time of writing, you won’t have the option of playing most of the game while in third-person. The idea of getting into firefights while in third person mode is an intriguing one, and Ubisoft, or some ambitious modder, could end up adding a third-person option in a subsequent patch update or mod. If that does end up happening, we will, of course, let you know.

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    What were ubisoft thinking. The person has no place in this game and to be honest I’ve never come across anything as emersion breaking as this first person mode as you move into a camp. Please never do this again third person is for children’s games and retro gaming keep it out of modern games it’s garbage

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    Is there a way to turn it off? I’m not fond of it. I thought my game glitched when it first happened.

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