Far Cry 6 Venodiente Location - Mythical Animals

There are several Mythical Animals that you will be able to hunt down in Far Cry 6, Venodiente being one of them. Like every other mythical animal, this mutated mythical alligator is very tough as well. While taking it on is a completely optional task, defeating these beasts will get you trophies which you can then trade at the Hunter’s Lodge. In exchange for killing Venodiente, you will get the Primal Vest. This unique chest gear allows you to get closer to animals before they turn aggressive and attack you. To help you take on Venodiente, our Far Cry 6 Venodiente Location – Mythical Animals guide will explain exactly where you can find this ferocious beast, and how to best handle it.

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Far Cry 6 Venodiente Location - Mythical Animals

Where is Vendodiente the Mythical Animal FC6

There are a couple of ways to find out Vendodiente’s precise location. The first of these requires that you purchase the intel for Vendodiente’s Bounty. You can do this in the Hunter’s Lodge in any Guerilla Camp, once you upgrade the lodge to Level 3. It costs 500 Pesos and it will reveal where the Hazardous Waste Disposal that this overgrown lizard calls home is at. Or, instead of spending your hard-earned money, you can take a look at our screenshot below where we have marked where you can find Venodiente. So, head there.

The Hazardous Waste Disposal didn’t get its name for nothing. Full of toxic waste, it is here that you will encounter Venodiente, as well as several other alligators. You will be able to easily tell Venodiente apart from other of its ilk, since it has glowing red streaks all across its body. The best strategy here is to first take out other alligators around it and only then concentrate all your firepower on Venodiente itself. But be careful, since it is very quick and deadly, and it also emits a poisonous gas. Keep moving and don’t let yourself get caught in the gas (or by Venodiente’s jaws). After defeating it, Venodiente will drop Venodiente Leather. Go back to the Hunter’s Lodge, and you will be able to trade this trophy in for the Primal Vest.

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