Worker's Key - Far Cry 6 The Long Drop Treasure Hunt - Reach the Stash

The Long Drop Far Cry 6 treasure hunt – Reach the Stash – Worker’s Key is one of a number of treasure-hunting activities in the game. As is the case with all these side missions, you have to do some exploring and puzzle-solving to get the reward, which in this case is a unique shotgun with poison shells. So, it’s well-worth the trouble, and trouble it is. Even getting to the puzzle is kinda tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you where to find and how to complete the Long Drop treasure hunt.

workers key far cry 6 the long drop treasure hunt reach the stash
Worker’s Key – Far Cry 6 The Long Drop Treasure Hunt – Reach the Stash

How to Complete Long Drop Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt – Reach the Stash & Worker’s Key Location

To complete the Far Cry 6 Long Drop treasure hunt, you need to find the Worker’s Key to reach the stash. First, find the note in the red box on the small shed in the northeast of Pequeno Reservoir in La Joya. Check out the images below to see exactly where it is. Once you get the note, head up the short staircase opposite the shed and across the bridge heading south, using the grappling point above you to clear the crack. You’ll find yourself near the Control Room 3 building. Head to the north side of it and look through the barred window. Shoot the padlock holding the other door shut, then go to the other side and enter the control room.

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Eliminate the camera and disable the alarm in the room on the right of the door. You can find instructions on the blue console in the same room as the alarm. Now, go back into the main room and to the south wall. Press the button on the yellow console next to the calendar. Then, to come closer to completing the Far Cry 6 Long Drop treasure hunt, press the red button on one of the generators next to the door you came through and turn the valve on the wall behind it. Lastly, push the green-glowing button on the blue console where you found the instructions.

Now, go back to the crack in the dam and attach yourself to the grappling point, then drop down to the corpse of the worker. Collect the Far Cry 6 worker’s key keycard from it, climb up, and return to the shed where you found the note. Use the keycard to unlock the shed and open the alligator chest inside. You’ll get the Excavation Execution unique shotgun for your troubles.

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