How to Get Feathers | Far Cry Primal

Feathers are a crafing material in Far Cry Primal. They’re used for many things, like upgrading your quiver.
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You can get them from birds, but they are hard to hunt most of the time. This guide will show you how to get feathers the easy way and help you with bird hunting.

Most birds will drop feathers when you kill them – some will give you rare feathers instead, but that’s often not the case. Birds aren’t easy to hunt, since they move constantly and are mostly too far away to shoot successfully. There are a couple of ways to get around this.

Where to find feathers

The first is finding a dedicated farming spot. There are flocks of flightless birds in the northern area of the map, which are pretty easy to kill. One such spot is around the north-western bonfire, south of the small river. If they notice you, the birds will try to run away, but they’re no match for you. There’s also a bunch of dholes in the area, and the prey on the birds. If you stumble upon any bird corpses, make sure you pluck their feathers. Don’t forget to craft Winter Clothing before you go, or you’ll easily freeze.

If you really want to hunt eagles, though, there’s a clever way to make this easy as well. Use hunter vision to find one, then track it. At some point, it will swoop down in order to feed. It will spend a couple of seconds on the ground, then slowly take off. This is your chance – when you see it dive, sneak closer and put an arrow in it. It’s much easier than trying to shoot it while it’s in the air.

There’s also a chance you’ll get feathers in your stash as a daily reward, but the amount is often small, so you’d better not rely on this.

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