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Grappling Claw is a tool in Far Cry Primal. It’s a bone hook on a long rope, and it allows you to climb otherwise inaccessible places.
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If you want to explore the whole map and discover all the secrets, you’ll have to get it. It’s an essential tool. In order to acquire it, you’ll have to finish a chain of missions. This guide will show you how to get the grappling claw in Far Cry Primal, which missions you need to complete to unlock it.

Grappling Hook Location

The item is available after one of the main missions, but you’ll want to get it sooner rather than later. As soon as you’ve finished the Beast Master mission for Tensey, do the following:
  • Go to the village and build huts for Sayla and Tensey. You’ll need a certain amount of resources:
    • Sayla: 4 alder wood, 3 slate, 2 reeds, 2 deer skins
    • Tensey: 2 alder wood, 2 slate, 2 reeds, 2 wolf skins
  • When that’s done, the Udam will attack your village. Defend it well.
  • After the attack is over, open up your map. You’ll see new icons on it representing specialists you can invite to join you.
  • Go to Wogah, the bald man with the long beard, east of your village. He’ll ask you to prove you’re a Wenja, which will start a mission.
  • While you’re trapped in the cave, look for a jaguar corpse. The grappling hook is lodged in it.
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