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There is a great number of tamable animals in Far Cry: Primal. They can help you hunt and fight your enemies.
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In this guide, you will find the complete list of animals you can tame in the game with their general stats and details.

You’ll have to increase your beast master skills if you want to collect all of them. To tame an animal, you need to go to the designated area and throw the bait down. Once it reaches the bait, just walk up to it and hold the tame button. Some of the animals are rare, so you’ll have to kill some of the normal type first, before the rare one appears.


Far Cry Primal Animals DholeStrength 1
Speed 2
Stealth 4
These animals are small and common. They can automatically skin the target you kill and have a high level of stealth. On the other hand, they are not very strong or fast. Their strongest point is that they are easy to find and provide some support.

Rare Dhole

Far Cry Primal Animals Rare DholeStrength 2
Speed 2
Stealth 4
This type of dholes appear only after you kill the regular type in the designated location. The rare version is the same as the regular one, except they are slightly stronger. Their look is different, as they are completely black.


Far Cry Primal Animals WolfStrength 1
Speed 3
Stealth 3
Wolves can growl to warn you about incoming enemies or hostile animals. They are also useful because they help you uncover larger chunks of the map. If they are within a certain range, they can increase the mini-map radius by 350 feet.

White Wolf

Far Cry Primal Animals White WolfStrength 2
Speed 3
Stealth 3
White wolves are a special kind that possess the same skills as the regular ones, but are slightly stronger. They are easy to spot because they are completely white in color. They are also quite common to come across.

Rare Stripe Wolf

Far Cry Primal Animals Rare Stripe WolfStrength 3
Speed 3
Stealth 3
This is a rare type of canine, much stronger than the basic one. They look like a cross between the regular and white wolves, and possess the same set of abilities. Since it is a rare breed , you have to kill the regular ones for it to appear.


Far Cry Primal Animals JaguarStrength 2
Speed 4
Stealth 5
The jaguars’ main characteristic is that they are stealthy and can attack unsuspecting enemies. However, the nearby enemies won’t be alerted only if the target is idle. Jaguars are great for quick and clean kills when attacking weaker targets.

Rare Black Jaguar

Far Cry Primal Animals Rare Black JaguarStrength 3
Speed 4
Stealth 5
Black jaguars are an upgraded version of the jaguar. They have the same abilities as the regular ones, but with more strength. Their coat is dark. As is the case with all others, to get the rare one, you have to murder a bunch of the plain kind first.


Far Cry Primal Animals LeopardStrength 3
Speed 4
Stealth 4
Leopards can automatically tag animals around them. However, they don’t have a large range. They are rather fast and stealthy, although not as much as jaguars. There are only a couple of locations where they spawn.

Cave Lion

Far Cry Primal Animals Cave LionStrength 3
Speed 3
Stealth 3
Cave Lions are a common type of beast. Their skills are at a medium level. Their main ability is that they can mark nearby NPCs. They are white and muscular in appearance.

Rare Black Lion

Far Cry Primal Animals Rare Black LionStrength 4
Speed 3
Stealth 3
Rare black lions are a more hard to get variant of lions. They are a bit stronger than the basic ones – other than that, their abilities are pretty much the same. They can also detect NPCs in a small radius. They have dark fur.


Far Cry Primal Animals BadgerStrength 3
Speed 1
Stealth 3
Badgers are small beasts that are not really fast. However, they can revive themselves once and are immune to poison. They are not easy to spot because of their size, so you should check the bushes and listen in order to locate them.

Brown Bear

Far Cry Primal Animals Brown BearStrength 4
Speed 3
Stealth 2
The chief characteristics of Brown Bears are their strength and medium speed. Their main ability is to draw enemy attacks, thus protecting the player. Also, when they are idle, they’ll dig randomly and give whatever they find to the player. They are ridable as well, if you have the beast rider skill.

Sabretooth Tiger

Far Cry Primal Animals Sabretooth TigerStrength 4
Speed 5
Stealth 3
Sabretooth tigers are the regular kind of tigers in Far Cry Primal. They are ridable if you have the beast rider skill. Also, they are considered the fastest predators in Oros.

Cave Bear

Far Cry Primal Animals Cave BearStrength 5
Speed 3
Stealth 1
Cave bears are not ridable, but have maximum strength. Like regular bears, they can also draw enemies away from you and provide protection that way. They are a lot bigger than the regular ones.

Great Scar Bear

Far Cry Primal Animals Great Scar BearStrength 5
Speed 3
Stealth 2
Great Scar bears are a rare type of beast that can only be found in beast master hunts. They are a bit stealthier than other bears. They are easy to recognize, thanks to the scars and wounds all over them.

Bloodfang Sabretooth

Far Cry Primal Animals Bloodfang SabretoothStrength 5
Speed 5
Stealth 3
Bloodfang sabretooths are also part of the beast master hunts. They are the fastest animals in all of the land. Unlike the regular ones, they have maximum strength. You can ride them into battle. Their jaws are covered in blood.

Snowblood Wolf

Far Cry Primal Animals Snowblood WolfStrength 4
Speed 3
Stealth 4
Snowblood wolves are the rarest type of wolves. They have the same skills as the other wolves, but they are stronger and stealthier than them. Easy to spot, as they are completely white with blood covering their mouths.

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