How to Tame the White Wolf | Far Cry Primal

The visions of beast quest is one of the early missions in Far Cry: Primal. It tasks you with finding the white wolf, the first beast you will tame in the game. The process is pretty straightforward, but the game does a poor job of explaining it, so you might get stuck. This guide will show you how to tame the white wolf in Far Cry: Primal.

Taming the Owl Spirit Guide

Before starting Visions of Beast, you’ll have to finish another mission which will net you a spirit guide. It’s an easy quest Tensay gives you. He will tell you about the ritual and offer you a bloody potion. It will make you hallucinate and see animal spirits. Locate the owl spirit guide and the chase will start. You’ll immediately get the ability to fly. Follow the owl as it flies and, after a while, dives into a lake. If the guide gets too far, the mission will fail. After you’ve located the owl standing on a branch, it will take another round of flying to catch it. Finally, when it comes to a complete halt, approach it and press the tame button (square on PS4, or X on Xbox One). After this quest you will be able to use the owl.

Far Cry Primal Tame Own Spirit Guide
Press the “Tame” button

Taming The White Wolf

As soon as you start the white wolf taming mission, you must use meat to create a bait. If you turn on the Hunter Vision and try to locate the wolf first, you might leave the mission area. If that happens, the mission will fail.

Gather the necessary meat, open the menu and create the bait. You can then use the hunter vision, which will display a blood trail. It leads to the wolf den where the beast is. Throw him the bait and wait for him to take it. After that, approach him and press the tame button. Once you’ve tamed him, you will be able to use his skills and abilities.
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  1. S

    How come the taming mission is always a failure, even after killing the 2 last ennemies ?

    1. T

      I have the same problem. I can’t find any fix or runaround.

    2. D

      have you already complete the quest same probem with me .

  2. D

    same shitty problem, just I have to delete damn game. just failure for what?

  3. S

    Had helluva time doing this first mission.. was playing in Survival difficulty so maybe that is part of reason, but never saw tooltip telling me I had to craft the damn bait so I kept following the trail (because game said: “ooh look a bloody trail”) and kept going “out of bounds mission area” finally figured out the bait thing, then got mauled by stupid white wolf 10 times in a row because I thought he was eating bait (the bait showed as my equipped throwable) but for some reason I was throwing goddam rocks. Somehow got bait to throw and then it is easy.. you will know if shows yellow paw print icon above animals head then you just hold E while it barks at you

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    I have the problem you all had too.

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