EA Anti Cheat Error FIFA 23 Fix, Failure During Update Process

Are you receiving the “EA AntiCheat Service encountered an error. Please restart the game” message when trying to start FIFA 23? FIFA 23 is finally here! Sadly, it seems that a vast number of players are experiencing a multitude of problems preventing them from playing the game. The biggest culprit currently is EA AntiCheat with the “Failure During Update Process” error. If you are encountering issues with the new EA AntiCheat system in FIFA 23, we have a tested and working solution to fix this.

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FIFA 23 EA Anti Cheat Error Failure During Update Process Fix
EA Anti-Cheat Error Failure During Update Process FIFA 23

How to Fix FIFA 23 EA AntiCheat Error Failure During Update Process

A couple of weeks back, Electronic Arts officially introduced EA anti-cheat for PC. One of the very first games which will use this new anti-cheating technology is none other than FIFA 23. Alas, as it’s usually the case, the launch of a new system can’t go without some issues. And this time around, the issues are quite serious if you’ve preordered the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition on PC. Namely, UE players are unable to play the game in early access as they are receiving the “EA AntiCheat Service encountered an error. Please restart the game” message.

EA AntiCheat is a kernel-mode anti-cheat, and that’s what creates issues. So, is there a fix for this? While we don’t have this issue, and thus, we can not confirm that provided solutions work 100%, we can share with you the two possible fixes which currently circulate through the community. A number of players reported that these fixes will do the trick in regard to the FIFA 23 EA AntiCheat error. The first one is easier. All you need to do is to make sure that you run Origin and FIFA23 .exe file as an administrator:

  • Right-click on the Origin exe/shortcut.
  • Select “Run as Administrator” (shield icon) from the drop-down menu.
  • Confirm with “Yes” when asked.
  • Repeat the process for FIFA 23 exe file.

Uninstall FIFA 23 EA Anti-Cheat

If the above method didn’t fix the FIFA 23 EA Anti Cheat error for you, there’s another, albeit a tad bit more complicated process. It also comes down to running the game as an administrator, but this time around you need to do a few more steps in order for it to work. Here’s the procedure:

  • Find the EA Anti-Cheat installer in its folder(C:\Program Files\EA\AC).
  • Uninstall EA Anti-Cheat.
  • Run Origin as admin.
  • Start FIFA 23 to reinstall EA AntiCheat.
  • Restart the PC after it’s complete.
  • Run Origin as admin.
  • Disable AntiVirus software.
  • Start FIFA 23.

This one will most likely fix the problem. If the FIFA 23 EA Anti-Cheat error persists even after this method, then your last resort is to contact EA support and explain your problem. Hopefully, the developers will quickly fix this serious glitch and compensate FIFA 23 Ultitame Edition buyers who were unable to enjoy their paid early access time. With that said, our guide is completed.

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  1. Y

    The problem still and i deleted the game and Steam completely and download again? but still !!

  2. M

    Does not work unfortunately, tried everything including uninstalling everything (EA app, EA Anticheat, Fifa 23) and installing it again, nothing…

  3. N

    Steam keeps curshing on me any updates

  4. L

    For me it worked when I uninstalled faceit anticheat. Try it!

    1. M

      Me too bro thanks you!!!

    2. O

      me too I tried everything but didn’t work. Just deleting the faceit ac is working. Thanks for solution.

    3. V

      Yes the uninstalling faceit anti cheat actually worked cheers !

    4. M

      It still doesnt work i launch it from ea and this doesnt fix it do you know what i can try?

    5. A

      Bro i want to kiss you right now

    6. A

      thanks!!! worked for me too

    7. L

      thats the solution! Laur the life saver ty bro.

    8. B

      I have CSGO and League of Legends installed which should mean i have faceit anticheat installed but i cant find it anywhere.

      1. M
        Marvin Sanchez villegas

        I’ve been straggling with this for about an hour now and I’m really at a loss but you save me . Thank you so much..

  5. S

    I’ve been struggling with this for about an hour now and I’m really at a loss, but you saved me!! Thank you so much Laur♥

  6. J

    can someone tell me what ‘faceit’ is? I’ve uninstalled the anticheat and reinstalled it. the same with the game itself and both origin and ea launchers

  7. T
    Tiago Machado

    didnt worked whit me ;(

  8. M
    Metin Avci

    You must open FIFA via the folder and not via Origin or Steam. After that you can open FIFA the next time on Origin and Steam.

    1. J
      Jesus Gil Baldero

      No work

  9. A

    Er det ikke lidt farligt at deaktive antivuris?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      you can reactivate antivirus once the game starts.

  10. M
    MiKa Lai

    run all 3 (Steam, Origin and FIFA23) as administrator and its finally working now.

    1. S

      How do i run FIFA 23 as adminstrator i can only run Steam and origin as it

  11. R
    Roy de Raad

    Doesn’t work for me.

  12. F

    Thx so kuch it works now

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