FIFA 23 Early Access Not Working on Steam

You’ve pre-ordered FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition on Steam in order to get the three-day early access but it is not working? The FIFA 23 release day is finally here! At least, for those who have preordered the UE. Unfortunately, it seems that this pre-order perk is not working properly for many players out there. Many are reporting that they can’t play FIFA 23 early access on Steam despite pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of the game. If FIFA 23 early access doesn’t work on Steam, read on to learn what we know about it.

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FIFA 23 Early Access Not Working on Steam
FIFA 23 Early Access Not Working on Steam

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Steam Early Access Not Working

Before we jump to the problem, let’s first see when FIFA 23 early access kicks off in Europe and NA. According to official information, FIFA 23 early access launches on September 26th at 3 pm PT, 6 pm ET, 11 pm BST, and at midnight in Europe (CEST). Some players are bypassing this time zone restriction by using the Xbox New Zealand trick (switching to their time zone to play it early). However, for Steam FIFA 23 players, the “Early Access Not Working” issue prevents them from playing, as they simply can’t start the game. They don’t even have the option to play the game. They have pre-loaded the game, but the good old green “Play” button is not there. Why is that so?

Well, unfortunately, it seems that history repeats itself, and not in a good way. Last year, for FIFA 22 early access, a miscommunication occurred between Steam and EA. Namely, Steam wasn’t aware that the Ultimate Edition owners had three-day early access. Thus, the game remained locked even for them. And while we can not confirm this, it seems that the same issue is occurring again. Steam gamers are again unable to play FIFA 23 early access despite having the Ultimate Edition. And, sadly, there’s nothing you can do here. It needs to be fixed between EA and Valve. When it happened last year, it took them around 12 hours to fix the problem, so don’t get your hopes too high that it will be fixed quickly this time around. We will make sure to update the article if any new development comes to light.

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  1. F

    EA are genuinely useless

  2. H

    thankyou for posting this. also. ea can f off

  3. E

    Should be out now. Play button is gray. Great job.

    1. F

      Bro, EA has f****d too many people. No cap this s*** is ridiculous. Fix your s*** up please for f*** sake this game ultimate f****** edition costs 90euros fuck me man.

      1. T
        This guys an idiot

        This has nothing to do with EA and is an issue on Steams side. The game is already out on EA’s platform 😭😂

    2. L
      Linus Boström

      For its just saying the game is not officially released

    3. C

      Still not up for u either ?

  4. D

    How to refund my money from steam ?

  5. A

    wtf is going on i cant play . game is released

  6. B

    steam is an as* company I knew this was happening I texted steam 3 weeks ago and they said the 1st October is only full release you will get your early access what a s**t company valve is

  7. A
    Aleksander Ciesielski

    useless company i want money in compensation this s****y company steals from us every year. the last fifa kmy as* give me my money back AND ther f*****g game

  8. J

    If you think of a s**t company it’s either Steam or EA that pops up in my head. I don’t understand how 2 such big companies can f*** up so hard year after year. It has been a s***show for years. Refund as soon as possible.

  9. J

    There MUST BE a way to get to get something as compensate for not being able to play it. ANY IDEAS?

  10. L

    Will 100% seeking compensation from steam. If you advertise it on your store page and dont fulfill, i will complain and seek what im due

  11. J

    Anything changed yet?

  12. J


    1. M

      My Game crashes when i start IT

  13. D
    Daniel Roper

    this is a absolute joke. surely they must of been notified?

  14. J

    It’s works when you start the game in origin. Cant start it on steam tho but origin works for me!

  15. N

    Love all the people who say f EA but it is actually steam/valve who is the problem

  16. S

    MAke a fifa 23 shortcut on your desktop, make sure you go to the bottom right on your task bar and close steam and origin properly, open steam, then open origin as administrator and then open fifa 23 through the desktop, loading screen takes a bit but you’ll se the glory of the game in 2 minutes
    hope this works

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