Ones to Watch Missing FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Preorder

Don’t know where to find the FIFA Ultimate Team Ones to Watch (OTW) Player item from FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition preorder bonus content? FIFA 23 has finally arrived! That is, for those gamers who have pre-ordered the ultimate edition of the game. Ultimate Edition early access started on September 27th, providing the UE owners with a 3-day head start. However, early access is not the only additional content that comes with the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. If your “Ones to Watch” item from FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pre-order is not showing, don’t worry. In this guide, we explain where to find the missing Ones to Watch item from FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition preorder bonus content.

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Ones to Watch Missing FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Preorder
Ultimate Team Ones to Watch Item Not Showing FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Preorder.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Preorder Ones to Watch Item Missing

First things first, let’s see what’s the actual process of activating your Ultimate Edition content, including the Ones to Watch missing item. In order to get access to pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition bonus content, you must complete these steps:

  • Redeem your single-use code (if a code is required).
  • Log in to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).
  • Create a Career Mode save while connected to EA servers.

It is of utmost importance to know that you need to redeem Ultimate Edition content before September 29, 2023, but we are sure that you will jump on it before that. Now that we clarified that, let’s see why is your FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pre-order content not showing. It’s a rather easy explanation, really. Your FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition preorder untradeable FIFA Ultimate Team “Ones to Watch” Player item is missing because it is not available at the same time as early access.

Rather, you will get the Ones to Watch player on Friday, September 30th. And that’s it. That’s all you need to know about it. That’s why your FIFA 23 ultimate edition preorder content is not showing. Because it is not available yet. On the other hand, FIFA Points are available starting from September 27th, along with the early access period.

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  1. C
    Carl Britton

    My son preorderd FIFA 23 Ultimate and today, 30th September, looked for the Ones to Watch pack. Nothing is there, even after restarting the game and the console. NOT HAPPY!! Where is it?

  2. T
    Thomas parreira

    I dindt get my ones to watch item for the second year in row

  3. D
    David Drake

    Where is my ones to watch player I haven’t received it ????????????

  4. R
    Richard Hodson

    No OTW item either for me ea did this last year and ballsed up people ended getting it late its stupid false advertisement.

  5. T
    Thomas Talbot

    I haven’t received my ones to watch item fifa 23

  6. R
    Ryley Jamieson

    i still haven’t received my OTW or my TOTW card…

  7. S
    stewart mcghie

    Hi preordered fifa 23 on August for my son and he still hasn’t got the one to watch pack this is false advertising not good enough.

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