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Chocobos are mounts used in the world of Orience. They’re treated like usable items – once you dismount and leave them, they’ll disappear, which is why you need a steady supply.
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They can be captured in the wilderness, or bred at the Chocobo Ranch at the Akademeia. While you should always capture a chocobo when you see one roaming the plains and forests of Ruburum, breeding is the advanced way of obtaining them. Breeding will also help you get the Eggs-citing Development trophy.

final fantasy type-0 akademeia chocobo ranch

Where To Find Chocobos

Certain kinds of chocobos can be found outside, roaming Orience. You’ll need to capture them in order to breed different, more advanced types back at the Akademeia.

ChocoboAll over OrienceA regular mount
Fleetfoot ChocoboJubanla RegionA fast and fragile mount
Sidestepping ChocoboBerith DesertA fragile mount that can dodge
Evasive ChocoboInnsmouth RegionA fast mount, good at dodging

How To Breed Chocobos

After you’ve finished Mission 2 in Chapter 2, you’ll be allowed to enter the Chocobo Ranch at the Akademeia (through the big portal in the main hall). Talk to the stable master – he’ll give you 10 male and 10 female chocobos, along with some greens. Now you can access the breeding screen by speaking to him – this is where the magic happens.

You choose a mother and a father, as well as the greens you’ll feed them with. All three will influence the kind of offspring that’ll hatch from that particular batch. We have another guide detailing the locations and effects of greens.

After six in-game hours, the eggs will have hatched, so you’ll be able to do it all over again. Once you’ve hatched 5 chocobos at the chocobo ranch, you’ll unlock the “Eggs-citing Development” trophy.

final fantasy type0 hd chocobo The table below will show you which parents and feed you should combine in order to get a chocobo of your choice.

Chocobo2x ChocoboNoneRegular
War Chocobo2x ChocoboGysahl GreensArmored
Combat ChocoboWar Chocobo + Chocobo
2x War Chocobo
Gysahl Greens
Gysahl Greens
Assault Chocobo2x Combat ChocoboGysahl GreensStrong fighter
Swiftwind Chocobo2x Combat ChocoboMimett GreensExtremely strong fighter
Turbo ChocoboFleetfoot Chocobo + Chocobo
2x Fleetfoot Chocobo
Pahsana Greens
Pahsana Greens
Extremely fast and fragile
Sonic Chocobo2x Turbo ChocoboGysahl Greens
Mimett Grens
Fast and sturdy
Supersonic Chocobo2x Sonic ChocoboMimett GreensExtremely fast and sturdy
Sidestepping Chocobo2x Supersonic ChocoboMimett GreensFragile, can dodge
Sneaky Chocobo2x Evasive Chocobo
Combat Chocobo + Evasive Chocobo
Mimett Greens
Mimett Greens
Sturdy, can dodge
Stealth Chocobo2x Evasive Chocobo
2x Sneaky Chocobo
Reagan Greens
Mimett Greens
Sturdy fighter, can dodge
Knight ChocoboSwiftwind Chocobo + Supersonic Chocobo
2x Swiftwind Chocobo
Reagan Greens
Sylkis Greens
Very sturdy and strong
Ninja ChocoboSwiftwind Chocobo + Stealth Chocobo
2x Stealth Chocobo
Sylkis Greens
Sylkis Greens
Fast and strong, can dodge
Master ChocoboNinja Chocobo + Knight Chocobo
2x Ninja Chocobo
Sylkis Greens
Sylkis Greens
The best there is
Remember to check back at the ranch every six hours, so you don’t waste any precious production time. Happy hatching!

We’d like to thank Computerland for providing a copy of the game for review.

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