Best Free Time Events In Chapter 2 - Final Fantasy Type-0

Free time is the period between missions in Final Fantasy Type 0, which you spend roaming the world. There is a limited amount of time in each of these periods.
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Every time you do an event, the clock advances by two hours. Can you do all of the free time events during a break? No. There are more tasks and events than time. You’ll have to choose what you do according to the rewards. In this guide, we’ll tell you which are the best free time events in Chapter 2, and what the rewards for doing them are. We also have a free time guide for FF Type 0 Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

Best Way To Spend Free Time In Chapter 2

There are many ways to spend your breaks in Final Fantasy Type-0. We are going to tell you what we think are the best choices, but will also list the other options so that you can choose for yourself.

First Break

The first break lasts six (6) hours. There are three events in it – this is the only time you’ll be able to do all the events in a break.

Machina/RemCemetery (you have to play as Machina or Rem)X-Potion
Dr. Al-RashiaSorceryHi-Potion

Second Break

This time, you’ll have twelve (12) hours of free time. There are fifteen (15) events to choose from, but you’ll only be able to do six (6). We recommend you devote your time to the following:

Moogle Class: Principles of CombatClass Zero Classroom2000 Experience Points
Moogle Class: Introduction to Defense MagicClass Zero Classroom+2 Defense Magic
CarlaReady RoomPretty Pelt
Kazusa (twice)Armory (if less than six hours left)Acces to Lab

There are other options, but they’re not as beneficial as the ones we’ve listed above. You can find them below:

EnraMain GateHi-Potion
Class Third MoogleTerraceMega-Potion
Machina/RemTerrace (if more than six hours left)Mega-Potion
EminaTerrace (if six or less hours left)Cutscene
TokitoTerrace (if six or less hours left)Hi-Potion
Machina/AceCrystariumTurbo Ether
Class Eighth MoogleEntranceMega-Potion
Dominion CitizenAirship LandingHi-Potion

Third Break

This break lasts a day and a half (24 hours). You’ll be able to step outside of Akademeia for the first time and explore Orience. Doing so advances time by six hours (and cannot be done if there’s less than six hours left on the clock). The first thing we recommend is going to all the Moogle Classes:

Moogle Class: Principles of MagicClass Zero Classroom+1 Magic Power
Moogle Class: Introduction to Fire MagicClass Zero Classroom+1 Fire Magic
Moogle Class: Introduction to Ice MagicClass Zero Classroom+1 Ice Magic
Moogle Class: Introduction to Lightning MagicClass Zero Classroom+1 Lightning Magic
One of the new things you’ll encounter during this break are tasks. They don’t advance time themselves, but often require you to leave Akademeia to finish them. Leaving advances the time by six hours. You can only have one task active at a time. Here is a table containing all the tasks you can do in this break – and you should do as much of them as you can:

EnraFountainTalk to him while leading RemPhoenix Down
TokitoReady RoomGive him the Sexy SwimsuitFulgur Primus Vol. IIYou can buy the swimsuit from the trader in Corsi
Locistics OfficerMain GateGive him three potionsEther
Sorcery ResearcherSorceryGive him one Red PhantomaFerric Ring
Administration OfficialLoungeGive him 100 SPPMega-Elixir
GuildsmanArmoryGive him a Pretty PeltIron BangleYou got one during the second break. If you used it, you can get another by killing Coeurls in Corsi Cave.
Dominion OfficerCentral CommandDefeat two VertigoGlacies Prima Vol. IIYou can find the Vertigo in the forests.
Class Ninth CadetCrystariumDefeat one StrikerIgnis Primus Vol. IIYou can find Strikers randomly in Rubrum.
AmaneMcTigheDefeat three Lesser CoeurlsSilver BraceletYou can find Coeurls in Corsi Cave.
KokiAquiGive him a Fire ShardFerric RingFire Shards are dropped by Bombs, who you’ll fight during random encounters.
TakanoCorsiDefeat ten Aqua FlansHP EnhancerAqua Flans will attack you during random encounters in the plains.
After you’re finished with the tasks, there are some events you can spend your remaining time on. Sadly, they are much less beneficial than the tasks and lectures. They do provide more insight into the characters and the story, but the only physical rewards you’ll get for completing them are potions.

Class First MoogleFountainHi-Potion
Class Fifth MoogleEntranceHi-Potion
Class Tenth MoogleAirship LandingHi-Potion
Machina/RemClassroom Zero (must play as Machina or Rem)Ether
Dominion LegionaryReady RoomHi-Potion
KoharuReady RoomMega-Potion
SiceCentral CommandEther
Dr. Al-RashiaSorcery (must play as Ace)Hi-Potion
KazusaArmory (if six or less hours left)Cutscene
Sorcery Researcher/EminaSorcery/TerraceCutscene

We’d like to thank Computerland for providing a copy of the game for review.