Destiny Xur Data-Mining Days Are Over

Thanks to the recent outbreak in data leaks regarding Weekly Strikes and Xur stock, Bungie have tightened up their security protocols. For now, there will be no more data-mining.
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A miner took to reddit with tales of his thwarted exploits:

destiny xur data mining
I tried to data-mine today and bungie has implemented a lot of changes. Instead of Xur having one single constant IP on one port, he now has multiple. If you join a tower instance and you’re the only one there, Xur will have 16 different IP address. If you join and its 8 other people, Xur will have 9 different ones. Only one of the possible IP’s you connect to will share the packet information you need. The others will include self-input data like controller movement, date & time, and other player constants.

To combat this I used zone alarm on each IP separately until I isolated the one that sends the packets for weapons. This took considerably longer than I thought because each unique IP only sends packets for a 45 second window and then they stop for 100ms, and then restart. This made it hard to decipher the hex code and decide if there were any patterns. Finally, once I managed to isolate the IP, find the pattern, and looped it. Every 22 packets started with the same 8b Hex. Bungie had literally broadcasted every thing as a No Land Beyond.
Not only have the developers managed to stop players from getting early information about weekly events, but they’ve also managed to make us laugh.

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