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final fantasy type 0 hdSquare Enix has made a good effort to introduce this generation of gamers to their Final Fantasy franchise. We have seen a steady stream of different entries in the Final Fantasy series reappear in form of HD versions that can be played on the current PC configurations and new generation of consoles.
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Latest re-release is Final fantasy Type-0 HD, which is peculiar because this game, initially, was released only on Sony’s PSP handheld console and only in Japan. Final Fantasy fans went to great lengths to acquire this in other regions and now everyone will be able to see this game on their PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

Type-0 shares the same universe with Final Fantasy XIII and the upcoming FFXV. This connection of the universes is even further enhanced by the fact that type-0 HD was initially planned as a means for players to enter FFXIII universe on their portable devices and that a special demo for Final Fantasy XV (flagship product in the series) is available for anyone that pre-ordered Type-0 HD. This game also serves as a bridge in combat systems that you’ll see in XIII and XV. While FFXIII was more in line with traditional Final Fantasy series combat mechanics, Type-0 and FFXV are more action oriented and provide real time combat mechanics. In that sense, it is interesting to learn this game’s combat mechanics so we can see what awaits us in the next “big” Final Fantasy game.

Being a port from portable consoles is the defining moment for Type-0. Although visuals are greatly improved in the HD version in both cinematics and the game world it is clearly visible that this game was not initially meant to be released on the latest version of home consoles. Lack of polygon counts and texture quality, as well as level design and game mechanics clearly show this game’s origin. Combined with lengthy and sometimes confusing cinematics (at least for those of us that do not know each Final Fantasy faction, character and city) this game clearly is not for everyone. All of it screams that it is not a flagship title in the franchise, but it is definitely a Final Fantasy game, albeit a bit darker and a bit more action oriented. Fans of the franchise will still get to enjoy epic storylines and battles, while those new to the whole universe will often stay confused and wondering why is this game on their new and shiny PS4.

final fantasy type0 hd chocoboYou will control 14 students of Class Zero, military unit in training that is part of The Dominion of Rubrum; magic using denizens of the universe. They fight the sudden invasion of weapon and technology inclined Milites Empire that brutally attacked Rubrum. You will be picking a squad for each mission. Three characters will be the current group you are playing, while others are reserves in case some of the main group members die. You can easily switch between the three characters in the current group, which provides access to that character’s special abilities. Combined with fast paced action and different abilities each character has, this provides enough strategic options for combat to be fun throughout several playthroughs, for those that are into such mechanics. Several playthroughs is exactly what is expected of you to do. Like any good portable game this was meant to be played, and played again until you’ve really seen everything and got the most powerful items in the game.

Original Type-0 was very successful in Japan and western fans of the series always yearned for a localized version to become available. True fans will certainly enjoy this game, with all the lackluster technical aspects and initially confusing storyline. People that like playing Final Fantasy games, but do not know name of all deities in the FF universe, are enticed to get this title, if for nothing else but to play the Final Fantasy XV demo, that is a special bonus for those that pre-ordered Type-0 HD. They might even like action packed Type-0 enough to get to the end and get their money’s worth. For the rest of us this game is just one remake in the sea of HD re-hashes of old games and we’ll probably just save our money for FF 15 that is scheduled to come out later this year.

Bellow you will find several videos that will help you get a sense of what type of game Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is. First video shows all of the game’s intro cinematic so you get a better sense of the story. It is worth watching if you want to see the longest dying scene I’ve ever seen in any game or movie so far (and some other cool Final Fantasy moments). There are two gameplay videos available that will show you the entire Chapter 1 of the game.

FF Type-0 HD Intro cinematic

FF Type-0 HD Chapter 1 Part 1 Gameplay

FF Type-0 HD Chapter 1 Part 2 Gameplay

We would like to thank Computerland games for providing us with the promo copy of the game.

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