Best Free Time Events In Chapter 4 - Final Fantasy Type-0

The periods between missions in Final Fantasy Type 0 are your free time. The amount of time you have in each break is limited, and you can spend it on various events.
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Every event you do during free time moves the clock forward by two hours. There are more events and tasks than there is time, so you’ll have to choose what to do. Different rewards are offered for these activities, and in this guide, we’re going to show you all the free time events you can do in Chapter 4, as well as the rewards you’d get for doing them. We also have free time guides for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

Best Way To Spend Free Time In Chapter 4

The best way to spend your breaks depends on what you’re looking to gain. We’re going to list all the available events and tasks below, along with their rewards. That way, you can choose whatever suits your play style best, but we’ll also give you recommendations based on our time with the game.

First Break

The first break lasts one day (12 hours). You’ll find the available events in the table below. Talking to Aria will open up her shop to you.

AriaIn front of Hotel ArmadaCutscene, Shop, Hi-Potion,
Aria’s Amulet (if you take a look at her stock)
RemHotel RoomCutscene, Elixir
TreyHotel RoomCutscene, X-Potion
PiettDistrict 0709Cutscene, Hi-Potion
CaterDistrict 0711Cutscene, Hi-Potion
JackDistrict 0711Cutscene, Hi-Potion
SiceHotel RoomCutscene, Hi-Potion
EightDistrict 0714Mega-Potion
Imperial TrooperDistrict 0709 (closer to the hotel)Ether
Imperial TrooperDistrict 0711Ether
Imperial TrooperDistrict 0709 (behind the truck)Hi-Potion
Imperial TrooperDistrict 0714Hi-Potion

Second Break

The second break lasts eight (8) hours. There are only four events, so you’ll be able to do all of them.

DeuceDeserted HouseCutscene, Hi-Potion
CaterDeserted HouseCutscene, Mega-Potion
QueenDeserted HouseCutscene, Hi-Potion
CinqueDeserted HouseCutscene, Turbo Ether
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