Best Free Time Events In Chapter 3 - Final Fantasy Type-0

Free time represents the breaks you take between missions in Final Fantasy Type 0. Each of these breaks lasts a limited amount of time.
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Any event you do advances the clock by two hours. There are more events than time. You have to choose what you’ll do according to the offered rewards. In this guide, we’ll show you what free time events there are in Chapter 3, as well as the rewards you’d get for doing them. We also have a free time guide for Chapter 2 and Chapter 4.

Best Way To Spend Free Time In Chapter 3

There are many choices for spending your free time, and some are better than others. We’re going to show you all of the options below, along with some recommendations based on our experience with the game.

First Break

The first break last three and a half days (48 hours). These are the events we recommend you do first:

Moogle Class: Survey of Battle BasicsClass Zero Classroom10,000 XP
Moogle Class: Survey of Basic MagicClass Zero Classroom+1 Magic Power
Moogle Class: Elementary Defense Magic IClass Zero Classroom+2 Defense Magic
Moogle Class: Introduction to HealthClass Zero Classroom+20 Max HP
OrderlyFountainGlass Pendant
CarlaLounge (you need to give her 1000 Gil)None
QuonCrystariumTurbo Ether
After that, we’re onto the tasks. Remember, you can only have one active task at a time! They won’t advance the clock themselves, but a couple of them require you to leave Akademeia. Each time you leave, time will advance by six hours.

Kurasame (at Central Command)Achieve 10 Killsights or Breaksights strikes10,000 EXPCan be done in Arena. Attacking when there’s an orange circle around the enemy performs a Killsight.
Sorcery Researcher (at Sorcery)Give him 3 Green PhantomaArgentic Ring (+30% Max MP)
Logistics Officer (at Main Gate)Give him 3 ethersFive X-Potions
Dr. Al-Rashia (in Hallway)Kill 3 enemies using Fire RF+3 Magic PowerCan be done in Arena. Fire RF is a spell.
Administration Official (at Lounge)Give him 300 SPPFulgur Secundus Vol. II
Provost (at Crystarium)Recover the Rubrum AnalectsWizard’s Hat (+8 to all Magic)Found in the treasure chest in the first room of Corsi Cave
Guildsman (in Armory)Get him 3 Tree SapsShock Shield (+20% Impact Resistance)Drops from Capparwires around Togoreth
Finally, here’s the rest of the events. They will reward you with potions and additional insight into the lives of the characters.

Emina/Sorcery ResearcherTerrace/Sorcery (if less than six hours left)Cutscene
KazusaArmory (if less than six hours left)Cutscene
BenchGarden (playing as Ace)Elixir
Dr. Al-RashiaSorcery (playing as Rem)X-Ether
TreyCentral CommandMega-Potion
Airship LandingClass Fourth MoogleHi-Potion
Main GateClass Sixth MoogleHi-Potion
Dominion LegionaryCentral CommandHi-Potion

Second Break

The second break lasts three and a half days (48 hours). We think you should do these events before anything else:

Moogle Class: Elementary Defense Magic IIClass Zero ClassroomEsuna spell
Moogle Class: Elementary Fire Magic IClass Zero ClassroomFire BOM spell
Moogle Class: Elementary Lightning Magic IClass Zero ClassroomThunder BOM spell
Moogle Class: Elementary Ice Magic IClass Zero ClassroomBlizzard RF spell
After that, you can begin tackling the tasks. You can only have one active task at a time. They don’t advance time themselves, but you may need to leave Akademeia for some of them. Leaving it forwards the time by six hours.

Sorcery Researcher (at Sorcery)Give him 1 Purple PhantomaUnlock Vermilion Bird Squad Command
Administration Official (at Lounge)Give him 500 SPPAuric Ring (+40% max MP)
Commissar (at Main Gate)Give him 10 Elixirs5 Mega-Elixirs
Enra (in Ready Room)Get him a potion from RemCrystal Shard (Enhance Vermilion Bird)
Commandant (at Central Command)Kill 15 Imperial SoldiersProtector Ring (+30 Defense, +10% Ballistic Resistance)Can be done in Arena.
Guildsman (at Armory)Give him 5 Light FeathersShock Shield (+20% Impact Resistance)Dropped by Evil Eyes
Class Ninth Cadet (at Crystarium)Take 3 prisoners by defeating COs in Iscah areaFlak Jacket (+25% Ballistic Resistance)
Moto (in Mi-Go)Kill 10 HundlegsAegis Tertia Vol. II (+13 Def Magic, -28% Max MP)Must kill them in Togoreth (not Northern Togoreth)
Mayor Aoba (in Iscah)Kill 2 COs in the Iscah RegionSentinel Emblem (+40% Piercing Resistance)
In the end, all that’s left are the rest of the events. They’ll reward you with bits of story and potions.

KazusaKazusa’s LaboratoryInteractive Cutscene
Random Item
BenchGarden (you need to play as Ace)Phoenix Pinion, Cutscene
CarlaReady Room (only if you did her earlier events)X-Ether, Cutscene
QuonSorcery (only if you did his earlier event)Ether
JackReady RoomMega-Potion
QeenCentral CommandX-Potion
KiyoAirship LandingElixir
Class Seventh MoogleLoungeEther
Machina/RemTerrace (only if Emina isn’t there, need to play as Machina/Rem)Hi-Potion
AsatoMain GateHi-Potion

We’d like to thank Computerland for providing a copy of the game for review.