Metal Gear Online Fulton Trap Detailed

In order to celebrate their 1000th tweet, Kojima Productions have decided to drop some artwork and info on one of Metal Gear Online’s items – The Fulton Trap. According to the devs, it’s “a trap that detects movement within a radius, fires a self-inflating balloon onto its victim and carries them into the air”.

metal gear online fulton trap info Here are the specs of this totally serious weapon:
Material: Steel alloy
Weight: 27.5 lbs
Diameter with stand: approx.
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609.6 mm
Height: 381 mm (approx. knee height)
Muzzle velocity: 100 m/s
Maximum firing range: 5 m
Filling weight: 2.5 lbs
Self-inflating balloon that attaches to a lift line on a V-shaped yoke
Braided nylon line
Mylar marker

After showing the concept art and tweeting the specifications, the developers started answering questions about the trap. Bits of interesting information were obtained, like the fact that it can even be placed indoors. Its default ammo capacity is 1, but can be increased. Nevertheless, the trap disappears after one use. Arming time is less than one second.

If you’re trapped by it, you won’t be killed – you’ll be removed from the map until the round is over, and the game won’t count it as a kill, having instead a separate counter for “Fultoning”. You can shoot the balloon to free a teammate, but you can’t free yourself that way. The default window of opportunity for freeing a “Fultoned” teammate is two seconds, but it can be shortened.

The trap can’t be triggered by objects, but can be destroyed by shooting it. At the moment, all classes can use it, but this is subject to change.

Source: Twitter

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