Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PAX East Trailer

During the weekend, Square Enix had the opportunity to show the visitors of PAX East a new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can see that same video, too, from the comfort of your home!
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The footage is short but dense. It mostly shows drama – yelling teenagers, a dying chocobo, swearing to avenge fallen comrades, etc. There’s also bits of combat stuffed in between the emotions, but we’ve seen that already. The point here is seeing more of Machina and Rem’s story.

Some players are worried about the fact it’s basically a remake of a four year old PSP game, tightened graphics and all. I’m more worried about the fact that it’s being marketed as being both for die-hard fans of the franchise, and a new generation of players. Trying to please both might end with none of them pleased. We hope that won’t be the case, of course.

Near the end, the video switches focus to Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, but sadly, it’s the same snippet they’ve been showing over and over since the announcement. Those who pre-order Type-0 (or buy it on day one) will get a demo for FF XV called Episode Duscae. Both of them are scheduled to release May 17th (20th if you’re in Europe), on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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