FFXV Assassin Medallion Locations - Where to find festival currency

Assassin Medallions are a special currency in Final Fantasy XV. They’re only available at the Assassin Festival in Lestallum. You can get them by partaking in activities, but a bunch of them are also scattered around town. Once you have enough, you can exchange them for festival prizes. In this guide, we’re going to show you all FFXV Assassin Medallion locations, to help you get all the rewards.

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ffxv assassin medallion locations
FFXV Assassin Medallion Locations – Where to find festival currency
Note: This guide is under construction. We’ll update it with more locations as we progress.

Where to Find Assassin Medallions

There’s one medallion near the cafe by the parking lot. It’s on one of the large gift boxes, by the giant chocobo plushie. Another two are at the southern end of the parking lot. You’ll find them on the ground, next to the checkered bollards, past the green car.

You can find one more in the garage south from the parking lot. It’s on the hood of the white car with the black top. If you go to the northern side of the parking lot, you’ll end up in the Square Enix Cafe. As soon as you go down the stairs, check the table on the left – there will be two medallions on it.

A few steps further into the cafe, you’ll find Cindy and Gladiolus chatting. Approach them, and you’ll be rewarded with three medallions. You can get two more from a food stall in the town’s central square – they’re in a cooking pot.

Three more are hidden on a wooden crate on the wide stairs near the power plant. While you’re there, you can pick one up from a familiar air duct by the plant’s entrance.

While you’re in the southern part of town, you’ll see a person in a black bird costume sitting on a bench. Sit next to them and chat for a bit. You’ll get three medallions. Afterwards, go into the dark alley across the road from the bench. You’ll find two assassins conspiring, and a medallion on the ground next to them.