FFXV Assassin's Festival Photo Challenge Quest Locations

FFXV Assassin’s Festival Photo Challenges are part of a quest given by our favorite guy, Vyv. You can find him in his old spot in Lestallum, near the Square Enix Cafe. Vyv’s quest is called Lights! Camera! Assassin!, and it will mark ten photo challenges on the map. In this guide, we’ll show you all FFXV Assassin’s Festival photo challenge locations, to help you complete the quest.

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FFXV Assassin Festival Vyv Photo Quest
FFXV Assassin’s Festival Photo Challenge Quest Locations

You’ll get three Assassin Medallions per photo – thirty in total. To help you out with the challenges, Prompto will make a short speech when you are close to the subject, letting you know you are in a good spot for a snap. Who would know better than Prompto, right?

Photo Challenge #1 – Snowball

FFXV Assassin Festival Snowball Location

Found her in front of the hotel, just above the main entrance, on a glass canopy next to the sign. It’s hard to spot her, but she is somewhere in the middle of the canopy edge.

Description: Affectionately dubbed “Snowball” (because its fur its pretty and white), this friendly feline loves the sunshine.

Kittyclerk – Photo Challenge #2

Kittyclerk FFXV Assassin Festival Location

There is a small store close to the festival entrance, next to the many tall assassin’s flags. You can snap a photo of this cat inside this store, just behind the counter.

Description: Contrary to popular misconception, Kittyclerk (a.k.a. “the crevice-loving cat”) is not for sale.

Photo Challenge #3 – Assassin fan

Assassin  Fan FFXV Festival Photo Location

On top of the building, next to the trash can. You can get here from the rooftops in the west. The assassin fan’s location is unreachable, so you’ll have to take a photo from a distance.

Description: Some folks take their fandom very seriously-like this cosplaying Assassin aficionado.

No-Tail – Photo Challenge #4

No-Tail Assassin Festival FFXV Photo Spot

This little fella is hard to notice. Luckily for us, there is a good spot you can warp to from the central square market. It is on the same balcony where No-Tail is.

Description: No-Tail sticks to the shade, clinging to the cool walls around town.

Photo Challenge #5 – Old Chap

Photo Challenge Old Chap Location FFXV Assassin Festival

The rooftop where he is located is unreachable. You’ll need to take the photo from the one northwest from him. It is the one where the NPC for the Shady Dealings quest is located (the one who asks you for Broken Magitek Cores). Jump on the blue pipe surrounded by rusty barrels and wooden boxes. This will allow you to see him more clearly.

Description: The self-dubbed “Old Chap” is a highfalutin fellow who enjoys looking down on all those beneath him.

Chocobro – Photo Challenge #6

Chocobro Photo FFXV Assassin Festival

It is really hard to miss this one. This is the person wearing the Chocobo costume. He was probably lost on his way to the Moogle-Chocobo Carnival. You’ll find Chocobro on the main street, in front of the large tower from which you can leap into the haystack.

Description: Chocobro, everyone’s favorite feathered mascot, brings a smile to festivalgoers’ faces.

Photo Challenge #7 – General MacCroaker

FFXV General MacCroaker Location Assassin Festival

The metal bucket where you can find General MacCroaker is on a single wooden box, near the bridge that leads to the power plant. Although you can hear him when you are near, the shadow of a nearby building can hide him rather well.

Description: Retired from the amphibian infantry, General MacCroaker spends his days cooling himself in an enclosed pool.

Cactendant – Photo Challenge #8

FFXV Cactendant Photo Challenge Assassin Festival

Located in the southeastern part of Lestallum, in the Square Enix Cafe. Cactendant is on a small box, just behind the bartender.

Description: The world may never know how a slactuar like Cactendant attained his current position, but it certainly wasn’t through hard work.

Photo Challenge #9 – Mooglina

FFXV Photo Challenge Mooglina Location

To spot Moogline more clearly, warp onto the tallest tower in Lestallum, the one from which you can perform a Leap of Faith. Once on top of it, glance toward the city. Mooglina is on top of the building west from the prize counter, next to some billboards. Zoom in the camera and you’ll get a photo.

Description: Mooglina, benevolent protector of us all, has risen to new heights – both in terms of popularity and of altitude.

Female Assassin – Photo Challenge #10

FFXV Photo Challenge 10 Assassin Festival

Climb the rooftops north from the hotel and try to reach the ones just next to the big marketplace. This brave defender of the innocent is on one of them, in a small corner next to the balcony fence.

Description: No thieves or pickpockets have ever shown up in the marketplace because a certain female Assassin is always watching.

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