FFXV Assassin's Treasure, Capture The Flags & In Search of Truth & Treasure

The Assassin’s Festival is the latest piece of DLC for Final Fantasy XV. It’s a timed event in Lestallum – it started yesterday, and will go on until the end of the year. It adds a bunch of stuff to the town, including some interesting quests, like Assassin’s Treasure, Capture the Flags and In Search of Truth and Treasure.

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ffxv assassin's treasure capture the flags in search of truth and treasure
FFXV Assassin’s Treasure, Capture The Flags & In Search of Truth & Treasure

Assassin’s Treasure

This is a treasure hunt that become available after you beat the main quest. It’s really convoluted, and some of the riddle solutions don’t make much sense. Still, we expect everyone will be intrigued by the mystery, wanting to solve it just to see what happens. It will end by leading you into another quest – equally puzzling, but a bit shorter. If you’re stuck at any of the puzzles/riddles, make sure you check out our Assassin’s Treasure quest guide.

In Search of Truth and Treasure

Once you’ve finished the previous quest, you’ll end up with a mysterious pendant and another conundrum to solve. It’s way shorter, and you’ve alread got the hang of the puzzle maker’s thought process, so it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. If you do get stuck, you should take a look at our In Search of Truth and Treasure quest guide.

Once you’ve finished it, you’ll receive the Medjay Assassin’s Shield for your effort. It’s a nifty item that can be transfered to the main game, and it seems pretty useful.

Capture the Flags

As is customary, one of the festival activities includes finding hidden stuff. Namely, cute little Assassin Flags. You’ll need to find all fifteen to get the prize. Some of them are really well hidden, and the prize is a paltry forty Assassin Medallions. If you get stuck while trying to find these collectibles, we suggest you check out our Capture the Flags quest guide.

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