FFXV Black Chocobo Available in Assassin's Festival Event

The Assassin’s Festival event in Final Fantasy XV finally lets us ride black chocobos! It’s a glorious day for Final Fantasy fans everywhere, as they can get their hands on something many felt was denied to them in the base game. Is it everything they’ve ever dreamed of?

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black chocobo assassin's festival ffxv
FFXV Black Chocobo Available in Assassin’s Festival Event

Most probably not. Unless their dreams involved riding a completely unremarkable chocobo (albeit painted black) in two completely unremarkable races. Yeah, it’s pretty underwhelming. The poor bird doesn’t have any special abilities, and we get to spend so little time with it, that it doesn’t even get the chance to leave an impression. Once again, we’re left wondering about what could’ve been.

Can you get the black chocobo into the main game?

Almost certainly not. The black chocobo is only available at the festival races, it seems. Many have unsuccessfully tried to transfer it into the main game, using different methods. Simply beating the races before the time ran out didn’t do anything. Players are now trying to beat the races as fast as possible, hoping the key lies in beating a certain time.

Others have opted for a different route, thinking the black chocobo could be unlocked the same way the other colors were – by finding an item in one of the tracks. They’ve scoured the two tracks for feathers, fruits, eggs, or anything that could be tied to a chocobo, but the results were negative.

There’s still a faint glimmer of hope, as the DLC has only been out for a day – maybe someone will discover a way as they sink their teeth deeper into the festival’s meat. All the obvious solutions have been tested, and none of them yielded the desired results. Maybe it’s time we just forgot about black chocobos in Final Fantasy XV.

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