Behemoth Slayer Secret Mission in FFXV Comrades

Final Fantasy XV Comrades has a Behemoth Slayer secret mission. There were two Behemoths in the multiplayer expansion’s first pictures, and now you can fight them. In this guide, we’ll show you how to start and complete Behemoth Slayer secret mission in FFXV Comrades.

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Behemoth Slayer Secret Mission in FFXV Comrades
Behemoth Slayer secret mission in FFXV Comrades

Behemoth Slayer secret mission is the third part of quests

To start the Behemoth Slayer secret mission, you’ll have to fulfill some requirements. Go to Cor and start one of the first three missions. They all have second parts, which start shortly after you’ve finished the first one. The key to accessing the third part and the Behemoth fight is to complete the second stage of the mission as soon as possible, with minimum damage to objects you are left to protect. To help you prepare as best as possible, we’ve done an extensive guide on how to start this secret mission.

When you are sent to the camp after the second quest, and you receive a message from Cor, you’ll be eligible for the third stage – the Behemoth Slayer quest. As soon as you get the boost in stats from the new food, you’ll get a notification that Cor has issued a new quest. The Behemoth Slayer mission comes with a description, just like the previous quests:

The Hunters have received reports about an unsettling new species of behemoth that has taken up residence near the Burbost Souvenir Emporium. It is up to the Glaive to fell this fearsome foe and restore peace to the area.

Killing FFXV Comrades Behemoth Takes All You Got

In FFXV Comrades Behemoth Slayer, you’ll fight two monsters at once. They are both level 18, quite a bit higher than your current possible level of 11. The key to winning is in the preparation for the fight. You can help yourself a lot by choosing the right Royal Sigil and going with a weapon that suits it. For example, a single player with The Oracle’s Sigil can keep the entire party up all the time by healing the damage taken. You can even go with everyone equipped with The Pious’s Sigil and kill Behemoths with only offensive spells. But, to make this work, you’ll also need to warp-up many times to regenerate MP faster.

Behemoth monsters are not easy to kill, with a seven-level difference and with the starting weapons. Both of them have powerful frontal and rear attacks. You’ll definitely want to stay away from the frontal attacks as much as possible, as the swipes and head bumps will easily take more than 20% of your health bar. The best place where you want to stand is next to their front legs. If you are targeted by any of them, just move to the side and try to survive a bit longer, then attack. It is also logical to focus all your attacks on one Behemoth, while the second one is being kited away by one of the party members.

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