Quake World Championships Finals Coming to QuakeCon 2017

The first Quake World Championships are slowly heading towards the main event, the Global Finals. The final battles will happen at QuakeCon 2017, which will take place from August 24th to August 26th in Dallas, Texas. The tournament finale will, naturally, take up the main stage. The players will be competing for a slice of the total prize pool of $1 million.

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Quake World Championships Finals Coming to QuakeCon 2017
Quake World Championships Finals Coming to QuakeCon 2017

After a long and arduous competition, Quake World Champions is building up to the grand finale at QuakeCon 2017. The Global Finale will have two parts. One will pit individual players in 1v1 Duel matches, while the other will see teams squaring off in the 4v4 mode called Sacrifice. They’ll all be tussling for their piece of the $1 million dollar prize-pool cake. If you happen to visit QuakeCon this year, which is taking place in Dallas from August 24th to August 26th, make sure you check out the main stage, where the Global Finals will be happening.

Currently, there are 64 duelists and 16 Sacrifice teams listed to participate in the Global Finale. However, you’ll have one more chance to qualify for the Duel category. There’ll be an open competition at a separate area of QuakeCon 2017, called Bring-Your-Own-Computer, or BYOC. Eight of the best players will have the honor to compete in the duels and shoot for some of that sweet, sweet prize.

Make sure your skills are up to snuff, though, because you’ll be squaring off against some hard-core pros. Some of the Duel Finals participants include Liquid.Rapha, last year’s QuakeCon Duel Championship; cYpher, who won in 2014; and others. As for the Sacrifice roster, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the skills of the likes of Team Liquid and NOTOFAST; the latter boasting such names as toxjq, fazz, stermy and noctis. So, if you’re in Dallas this August, make sure to visit the Global Finale of the first-ever Quake World Championships. If not, you can tune in on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook and watch the live stream.

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