FFXV Comrades Secret Mission - How to Start it

Final Fantasy XV Comrades secret mission is easy to miss, as you can’t take it from Cor directly, and it isn’t a second follow-up to the starting quests. In this guide, we’ll show you how to start the secret mission in FFXV Comrades.

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FFXV Comrades Secret Mission How To Start it
FFXV Comrades Secret Mission – How to Start it

Secret Comrades mission can be activated once you complete these requirements

In order to activate the secret Comrades mission, you’ll need to start with one of the three quests Cor gives at the start, and more than successfully complete their follow-ups. These missions and their follow-ups are:

  • Hunting the Garulessa -> Shack under Siege
  • Road to Old Lestallum -> Protect the Pylon
  • Naga Extermination -> Road To Lestallum

Completing the second quest in the line is the key to the opportunity to make the secret quest show up. In order to do so, for example in the “Shack Under Siege” quest, you’ll need to kill Iron Giant as soon as possible, while the shack remains mostly undamaged. This boss comes after the wave of enemies that rush towards the shack and explode on death. You want to kill them before they reach it, and then deal with the boss away from the shack. To make it easier on yourself, pick up the meat (an ingredient with 3-4 stars) from the “Hunting the Garulessa” boss drop. It gives around 200 attack power for the next fight. Keep in mind that you can stun Iron Giant with the starting Shuriken warp strike ability.

To make the third quest show up after the “Protect the Pylon” quest, just like in the shack one, you’ll need to deal with the wave of monsters that rushes the Pylon and the boss Ronin. The boss was a bit glitched during the beta, and although he was a level 20, you could kill him easily if all four of your members just rush him and do damage while standing in melee.

In “Road To Lestallum”, at the end, you’ll get to fight a bunch of level 10 Saberclaws and a level 8 Coeurl. This seems like the easiest fight, but the amount of monsters that shows up makes it harder, as the timer just keeps ticking.

Finally, to conclude what might be the factors to start the secret third part of the missions:

  • The time in which you have to kill the second quest boss; defeat it as quickly as you can, rush all the way, speed is essential.
  • The amount of damage done to the object you are defending in the second mission has to be minimal.
  • A+ on report cards, but this goes hand in hand with the previous requirements.
  • Your best chance is to start with the first “Hunting the Garulessa”, get the meat from the its boss to make the best food buff, and rush down the level 16 Iron Giant in the second mission.

You’ll know that you’ve done it right when you get a message from Cor while in the camp after the quest’s second part. He will inform you about the new threat, and you’ll be able to hunt down two Behemoth beasts at the same time.

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