FFXV Captive Card Quest is Bugged, But There's a Way Around It

The Captive Card is part of the main quest in the Assassin’s Festival DLC for Final Fantasy XV. There’s a part of it – when you chase Loqi – that’s bugged for some players. This bug is not that common, but it blocks further progression. The solution is a rather basic one, and it helped us (and many others) continue with the mission.

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FFXV The Captive Card is Bugged, But There is a Way Around it
FFXV Captive Card Quest is Bugged, But There’s a Way Around It

Chase After Loqi

To complete the objective “Chase After Loqi”, you need to continue down the right alley after the sequence at the main square market. This is the part where a level 17 MA Veles comes down from the sky and starts shooting rockets.

Unfortunately, this part is bugged for many players, including me. I realized I couldn’t get to Loqi, due to the bug, when I tried to continue down the alley on the other side of the square, but there was an invisible wall stopping me from doing so.

The invisible wall is not a feature – it is simply a bug. Don’t waste your time trying to down the enemies, as it will take ages. The first time I encountered the bug, I went through the entire town trying to find a “secret” passage to Loqi, but there wasn’t any. It was just not working properly, and it was stopping me from getting close to Loqi.

FFXV Chase After Loqi Bug Assassin Festival
The invisible walls stop the quest from completing.

To overcome the bug that stops you from chasing after Loqi, you’ll need to restart the game, and return to the title screen. Since you are in combat, loading the previous save is not an option. I’ve tried to let the MA Veles rocket explosions push me through the invisible boundary, or to warp to the enemies in the distance, but it didn’t work. Maybe you’ll have more luck.

A fix I found is that if you can lock onto a soldier on the other side of the “wall” and warp strike him, you’ll get through. Have patience though, the soldiers really don’t want you getting through. (thanks Jake)

Luckily, the game saves at the start of the quest. Once again, you’ll start from the part where you have to locate Loqi from the tallest tower. At this point, you probably already mastered the part where you have to track him down. This should resolve the issue with the invisible wall, and let you continue with the story. Some players have reported that, if you’re playing on PS4 Pro, setting performance to “high” solves the problem as well.

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