FFXV Capture The Flags Quest - Assassin Flag Locations

FFXV Capture the Flags quest is a new activity from the Assassin’s Festival event. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find 15 flags of truth, which are hidden around Lestallum. They’re rather small, and they blend in with the surroundings. On top of that, they aren’t marked on the map. In this guide, we’re going to show you all fifteen FFXV Assassin Flag locations, to help you finish the quest.

ffxv capture the flags quest
FFXV Capture The Flags Quest – Assassin Flag Locations

Assassin Flag Locations

The first flag is right next to the stand where you start the quest. Another one can be found in the northern part of the parking lot. Look for a white car with a red top. The flag will be next to a dumpster behind it.

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There’s yet another one on the parking lot. It’s in the southern part, near the wooden benches and the popcorn vendor. After you’ve grabbed that one, head to the Leville hotel. You’ll find a flag in front of it, next to the fountain.

There’s an open market in the western part of town. You’ll find a flag by the western wall, next to some yellow pipes. Another one is by the power plant’s entrance. As you approach the bridge, look to your left – it’s at the spot where Holly used to stand.

The next few are on the city’s rooftops. The first one is near the shady guy asking for magitek cores, on a building close to the main road. The other one is on a balcony in the city center – you’ll need to climb one of the adjacent buildings, then use the pipes to cross the gap and get your flag.

Go to the bridge that leads to the power plant and turn around. Walk forward until you hit a wall. Scale that wall, and you’ll find a flag on top, next to a locked door and some rebar. You’ll find the next one on top of the building northeast from there. It’s next to a couple of AC units.

If you climb on top of the big building that stretches northeast from the city center, you’ll find another flag. It’s on the east side of the roof, next to a white container. Afterwards, use the pipes to get onto the building further northeast – there’s another flag there, by the fence in the northeastern corner.

Go to the gas station in the south of the map (it’s by the main road). There are three gas pumps there, and the flag is between them and the road, by the steel beams. You can find the penultimate flag near the assassin tower, on the round overlook. It’s next to the wooden benches.

The last flag is located by the road, in the eastern part of town. It’s on the concrete wall that separates the city from the road, next to a white convertible with a blue line decal.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who left comments to help us find the last few flags. You’re the best.

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  1. P
    Piere-Emdre Sire

    “We will show you the locations of the 15”
    Shows 12

    1. B

      Its a work in progress

    2. A

      For the last 2 they’re missing, one is at the Gas Station to the south, next to the diagonal steel beams out front, near the grass. The other is behind the Leap Of Faith tower to the right, between benches, there’s a “Chocobo Races” sign right next to the benches where the flag is.

  2. Z

    There’s one at the gas station between the pumps and the trees, then stay on the road but go to the opposite side of town and there’s on the barrier between the parked cars and lone food carts. And the last one is near where you wait tables for restaurant guy.

  3. A

    one is by the gas station pumps and another is near the leap of faith tower can’t find the last

  4. A

    There is one in the shout east entrance and the other one on the west gas station

  5. T

    One is in front of the gas station between the plants (palms) and the gas pump

  6. T

    Sry, me again, i found a flag on the right side of the street when you enter Lestalum in the car (or start the event). You can’t miss it just stick to the right wall with the cars.

  7. R
    Robert M

    I found the last 3 you are missing

    1)Behind the “Leap of Faith” tower that overlooks the parklot
    2) Near the east tunnel that you enter from in the beginning of the event. It is standing on a ledge to the north of side of the road
    3) Its at the gas station at the south part of the town, next to the gas pumps

  8. A

    There’s one on the north side of the main road where you enter town. It’s near the food carts on the short wall.

    1. A

      By the gas pumps at the gas station. Next to the eagle jump tower there is a planter with benches overlooking the parking lot, the last one is there.

  9. T

    The last on is at the tower on the right side (where the small band is) or to be more precise under the tower stick to the wall go to your right and between the “chairs” (sry for bad english) and there you go all 15 flags. 🙂

  10. A
    Anonymous Assassin...

    Found the next flag, it’s beside the Tower of the Leap of Faith, in front of the vegetation and benches. It was almost obvious, it definitely hid in plain sight…

  11. A
    Anonymous Assassin...

    And another I just found… You remember when you drove into Lestallum for the festival? It’s in front of the big welcoming banner, just on the short wall between the road and the empty dining patio.

  12. R

    I found my last three. One near the gas station, another near the food stands by the tunnel on a small concrete wall, and the third by the leap of faith, though I forgot exactly where. Sorry for the vagueness, I am not a walkthrough writer.

  13. P

    The 15th is on the wall of the road leading into town from Duscae. Weird. I already have that one and swear I’ve picked up all the ones shown in this guide. Guess I’m missing one from the 14 shown in the guide.

  14. P

    I now see that the guide only shows 12 right now. I have 14, but only remember where that one on the road was. Still looking for the 15th.

  15. P

    I believe the other one I have that is not yet shown in the guide is on the stairs above where the quest starts. There is an alcove with it I believe.

  16. P

    Found the last one. It is at the gas station in front of the gas pump.

  17. B

    1 is behind the gas pumps, another is on the roadside wall near the east entrance.

    1. B

      Last one is directly southwest of the leap tower, in front of the semi circle of benches.

  18. N
    Nathan Burgun

    There’s one at the end of the street near the tunnel you come in on. It’s on the half wall overlooking the street. Farthest eastern part of the map you can go.

    1. N
      Nathan Burgun

      One one behind the tower. I found all 15 but I can’t figure out which one I have that he missed.

      1. N
        Nathan Burgun

        Correction: it’s not behind the tower it’s beside it to the west behind the giant red flower thing.

  19. N

    Found one in front of the gas station by the gas pumps and another by the leap of faith tower by the benches. The last was by the tunnel.

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