Cerberus Sniper Rifle Location | Final Fantasy 15

The Cerberus sniper rifle is a powerful scoped weapon in Final Fantasy XV. It might not have great stats, but it’s definitely one of the best firearms in FFXV. It allows you to zoom in and target specific points on your opponent’s body. If you are wondering where to find the Cerberus Sniper, we are going to show you the exact location of this hidden weapon in this guide.

How to get Cerberus sniper rifle

In order to get the rifle, you must go to the Fort Vaullery Imperial Base. This will happen when you reach chapter 6. Also, you can always return to the base and pick up the rifle, as you will unlock the Imperial Base for the rest of the game. So even after you’ve completed the whole story, check back to the base to find this hidden weapon. It is located in a small building in the northeast of the base.

This is the only sniper rifle in Final Fantasy 15, so make sure you get it as soon as you can. It makes many battles a lot easier, since it enables precision targeting. Note that Noctis is the only character in FFXV who can wield this gun and that Prompto, unfortunately, cannot equip it. You should use it to break your opponents at range and to soften them up before you engage them. To use the scope of the rifle, hold R1 and Triangle (RB and Y on Xbox One), but note that when you are outside of combat, you cannot use it.

Although it is not the best weapon of choice in close combat, start the fight with it as soon as you get in range (its range is 100 feet). Break the opponent’s guard, as it will give you some major bonuses depending on the type of the enemy you are fighting. The effect will last during the whole fight. Its base damage is 156, but once it’s scoped, you can deal some critical shots and aim for the vulnerable parts of the enemy’s body for higher damage.

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  1. M

    Does this weapon increase the chances of getting monster parts? Just curious.

    1. Probably for a bit, but it lacks damage…

    2. P

      its great for breaking appendages, leaving the enemy with lower defensive and/or offensive stats, so basicly if u use it at the start of a battle, u can debuff the opponent, then switch off to another weapon for actual fighting, so… consider it powerfull as a tool, but not as a weapon. besides that just think of it as a fun toy to fck around with…

  2. B
    Billy Le (Croissant) kid

    It would in terms of high-crits…but I only see it useful for getting the Sturdy Horn from the quest “last of the spiracorns” when breaking the duplicaorns horn, if you haven’t gotten that drop already. Even then you can use normal weapons as you’d be a high enough level to melee your way through that quest easily.

    Damage wise…this weapon is pretty lousy in comparison to others. Just looks cool TBH. Maybe tee it up with a few stat -boosting g weapons like amiger weps. if primarily using this for damage.

  3. T

    Where am I supposed to go in on a return trip? Only gate I find seems like its perma locked after the raid.

    1. S

      Go to the tower

  4. Z

    I sold it by mistake how can I reobtain it

    1. L

      New Game + ?

  5. H

    Chapter select after you beat the game. Had to do that for the crossbow I sold.

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