Resident Evil 7 Demo Secrets - Beginning Hour

Beginning Hour is a demo for Resident Evil 7. It allows you to explore the house, pick up items, read notes and generally soak up the atmosphere. Several scary encounters are included as well. There are a bunch of secrets in it as well – treasures that are hard to find, places that cannot be accessed easily, and more. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get all Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour Demo secrets.

RE7 Demo Secrets

  1. As you wake up, go to the fireplace to the right, crouch and pull the chain.
  2. Turn right again, go through the secret passage, and pick up the fuse from table.
  3. Go back and place the fuse in the fusebox. Head to the right and through the white door.
  4. Turn right, go through the door covered in mold. Head left and to the small nightstand with a lamp. Open the drawer and collect the Blank Notebook.
  5. Head back through the oozing door. Walk down the corridor, then up the stairs on the left. Press the button on the support beam and when the stairs are down, go up to the attic. Open the first door on the right. Walk through the huge hole in the wall and turn left when you reach the mannequins. Pick up the basement key from the small table.
  6. Turn around and go to the wall opposite the table. Crouch and read the writing on the wall. You’ll hear the first giggle.
  7. Go all the way down to the ground floor. Turn right and go back through the moldy door. Head left to the end of the corridor and you’ll see a rusted gate. Use the basement key, and go down there. Walk through the white door. You’ll find yourself in a large room with people wrapped in plastic and hanging upside down. Turn right and you’ll see a valve handle on the gourney, so pick it up.
  8. Walk into the next room, around the shelves. Pick up the Attic Window key next to the tiny doll, then run for your life. The exit is blocked, so go behind one of the hanging bodies and kick it at the creature. Kick down the door and leave.
  9. Go all the way back to the attic, pass the room you’ve opened and go look at the boarded door. Go back to the room where you picked up the Basement key. You’ll notice a ladder leading to a window on the right. Look behind the TV and pick up the Object Made of Celluloid.
  10. Walk down to the ground floor and check the chest of drawers right next to the staircase. Collect the Dummy Finger from the drawer and combine it with the Object Made Of Celluloid.
  11. Select the Dummy’s Left Hand. Point the finger towards the large white bag on the top shelf of the toppled wardrobe. Wait a few seconds until you see the screen shake and hear the sounds of wood creaking.
  12. Go back up to the attic and look at the boarded-up door again. Turn left and walk through the kitchen, then through the white door on the left. Collect the bolt cutters.
  13. Turn around and you’ll see a cabinet with a chain, so use the bolt cutter to open it and collect the tape.
  14. Go back up to the boarded door in the attic to get your second giggle. Check the blank notebook and read it.
  15. Go back to the basement and pick up the lockpick from the water pump on the left.
  16. Go into the hanging corpse room. In the back of the room there is a body on a gourney. Use the Dummy Hand to point at it until you hear some very unpleasant sounds.
  17. Go back to the kitchen and use the lockpick on a locked drawer in the blue cabinet on the left. Collect the axe.
  18. Go to the staircase and note the portrait with a white bag over the head. Swipe the axe at the portrait to get your third giggle.
  19. Go behind the stairs and point the Dummy hand at the barred door there. More bad noises follow. Head out and look at the mirror for the fourth giggle.
  20. Head up to the attic where you picked up the basement key. Look up and you’ll see a black pipe on the wall above. Point the Dummy Hand at the support beam above the black pipe.
  21. Head back towards the mouldy door, but go through the white door on the right instead. There’s a TV and a VCR there, so play the video tape.
  22. In the video, try to open the chained cabinet. Lift the lid off the pot on the kitchen table. Pick the lockpick up from the floor behind the microwave. Follow Pete around.
  23. After the video, head back to the basement and the room where you picked up the Attic Window Key. Crouch and look for the tiny doll. Once you look at it up close, you’ll get the fifth giggle.
  24. Go to the kitchen and point the Dummy Hand at the pot on the table.
  25. Head up to the attic, through the door on the right. You can now open the bloody door in the room behind the hole. Approach the rocking chair and read the note, then pick up the Dirty Coin. After you do, you’ll hear the sixth giggle.
  26. Leave the room and climb the ladder on the right and use the attic window key to exit onto the roof.
The coin is the most important one, as it can be transfered into the full game, once it’s out. We have no idea what its purpose is, but we’ll update the guide as soon as we find out.

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