Final Fantasy 15 Thermal Suit Location - Secret Attire

Thermal Suit is a rare outfit in Final Fantasy XV. It provides increased health and fire resistance to the wearer.
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You’ll get to use it during the power plant quests, but the game will take it away from you afterwards. There’s a way to obtain it for real, but only after the game ends. It’s hidden in a place you probably wouldn’t bother checking, and you can just pick it up. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Thermal Suit in Final Fantasy XV, its stats and what it looks like.

Final Fantasy 15 Thermal Suit

In order to get this outfit in FF 15, you’ll need to complete the game first. The item won’t appear before you do. Afterwards, return to Lucis using Umbra’s special abilities. Go to Lestallum and head to the northwestern part of town. When you get to the bridge that leads to the power plant, you’ll hit a locked gate. Turn right, and go around the wall. You’ll see a glowing bead on the bench – that’s the suit. Once you’ve picked it up, it’s yours forever.

The in-game description reads: An extra-thick, heat-resistant suit specially designed to increase the wearer’s health and provide protection from fire. However, its true purpose is purely cosmetic. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a spaceman, now you can. That’s all there is to it. Ground control to Major Noct, and all that. It’s also one of the only outfits you won’t get automatically, so it’s a bit of a prestige item.

Note: Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto can wear the Thermal Suit. Since there is only one suit, unfortunately you can’t have them all wearing it at the same time.

When you equip it, you’ll see the HP increase in the stats on the left. The fire resistance, on the other hand, won’t change. We don’t know if this is a bug, or an error in the item description. We’ll update the guide when we know more.




  1. J

    The thermal suit actually makes you entirely immune to fire, and is especially useful against fire intensive monsters (such as jormungar)

    1. C

      It also makes an ifrit rematch a joke since most of his attacks except the sword swings do not do any damage.

      1. S

        The Lasagne from Altissia is a better option, it affects the whole party.

        1. True, but does it make characters look as good as they do with the suit? 😀

  2. E

    You can all wear the suit at the same time once you’ve picked it up

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