Final Fantasy XV Comrades Outfits and Clothing Showcase

Final Fantasy XV Comrades brings new outfits and clothing, in this multiplayer expansion. Some of the outfits are the players favorites from the main game, while the vast number of clothing pieces, will keep you satisfied. You can get them from vendors in outposts. The amount of clothing pieces they cans sell you, increases once you power up a fashion sketchbook treasure on the map. In this guide, we’ll try to show you all outfits and clothing pieces available in Comrades, the multiplayer Final Fantasy XV expansion.

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Final Fantasy XV Comrades Outfits and Clothing Showcase
Outfits and Clothing in FFXV Comrades

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we get the new information.

Best Outfits in FFXV Comrades

Moogle Suit is a rather unique outfit, with which you’ll never go unnoticed. Once equipped, this outfit stands out from the others due to its size – it is quite enormous. Iris sells it outfit for 66700 gil, but you need to unlock it first. This is done by powering up a pylon with a Fashion Sketchbook west of Lestallum. If you follow this path, you’ll reach the first camp, then go north toward the second one. Go south from here, spend 4 500 kW and you’ll get the unlock, along with freeing Ernie Sypert.

The Chocobo suit, is one of our favorites in the game. The vendor that sells it is located in the Cauthess Depot outpost. You can find it in the southern part of the map. In order to get it, you’ll need to exchange it for 3 Gorgeous Pelts, 10 Downy Feathers, and one Cactuar Blossom.

The Kenny Crow suit is our second favorite one. You can find it at the vendor in Old Lestallum, who sells it for only 57.000 gil. The Old Lestallum outpost is located in the southwestern part of the map.

FFXV Comrades Outfits and Clothing Locations

At the start of the game, when you are about to create your first avatar, there is an option to dress yourself up by equipping it with the Galahdian outfit. This beautiful set is one of my favorite ones.

One of the first clothing vendors you can unlock is at the base of operations in Lestallum. This shop is held by Iris, Gladiolus’s sister. The first items she sells, before you pick up any fashion sketchbook, are:

  • Kingsglaive Attire – dark top for 4.400 gil.
  • Kingsglaive Garb – dark leggings for 2.900 gil.
  • Kingsglaive Boots – knee-high dark leather boots for 1.400 gil.
  • Kingsglaive Gloves – fingerless gloves for 1.400 gil.
  • Striped Tee – blue-white striped T-shirt for 700 gil.
  • Black Glasses – decorative accessory for 600 gil.

The second batch of items available at Iris’ shop comes as you start collecting Fashion Sketchbooks, hidden throughout the map. Here is the full list of them:

  • Casual Tee – white T-shirt for 600 gil.
  • Blue Jeans – dark blue for 2 300 gil.
  • Fresh Sneakers – dark/white for 1 800 gil.
  • Fishing Gloves – fingerless for 700 gil.
  • Standard Uniform – jacket with a green shirt for 9 100 gil.
  • Standard Trousers – jeans with a leather belt for 2 600 gil.
  • Hiking Boots – dark with interesting top for 2 300 gil.
  • Chosen Glaive’s Gloves – grey fingerless for 2 300 gil.
  • Suit Jacket – supreme classy one for 28 400 gil.
  • Suit Trousers – classy enough to go with the Jacket for 20 500 gil.
  • Leather Shoes – part of the suit set for 12 400 gil.
  • Leather Gloves – regular gloves for 10 600 gil.
  • Plaid Shirt – simple blueish checkered shirt for 1 800 gil.
  • Meteor Publishing Tee – a shirt made famous by a certain publishing company for 900 gil.
  • Silky Tee – showing off the neckline for 1 200 gil.
  • Moogle Suit – for 66 700 gil.
  • Sporty Sunglasses – with reddish outlines for 1 000 gil.
  • Diamond Earrings – leave a lasting impression for 700 gil.
  • Antique Glasses – classic round frames for 900 gil.
  • Umbra Plushie – a must have decorative accessory for the head for only 9 800 gil.

The vendor in Meldacio Hunter HQ sells the following clothing items:

  1. Camouflage Tee – grayish T-shirt for 900 gil.
  2. Hunter Fatigues – brown top vest for 3.600 gil.
  3. Hunter Fatigues – dark leather pants for 1.800 gil.
  4. Hunter Boots – hunter exclusive for 1.000 gil.
  5. Hunter Gloves – fingerless for 1.000 gil.
  6. Infantry Aviators – dark sunglasses for 1.400 gil.

The barter vendor in Cauthess Depot sells the following clothing items:

  1. Coernix Uniform – blue-white top. Price: 8 Supple Tail, 8 Garula Fur.
  2. Chino pants – beige pants with a leather belt. Price: 5 Havocfang Hide, 3 Cockatrice Tail Feathers.
  3. Standard Boots – black sturdy work boots. Price: 3 Thick Hide, 3 Malboro Vine.

The vendor in Old Lestallum sells the following clothing piece items:

  1. Dress Shirt – white short-sleeved shirt for 2.100 gil.
  2. Gold Earrings – decorative accessory for 900 gil.
  3. Kenny Crow Tee – T-shirt with Kenny Crow on it for 1.600 gil.

Bigg Callux is a refuggee that you need to free in order for this vendor to show up in Meldacio Hunter HQ. He will sell the following clothing items:

  • Imperial Armor – 14 400 gil.
  • Imperial Armor – 9 100 gil.
  • Imperial Boots – 6 400 gil.
  • Imperial Gloves – 4 900 gil.
  • Imperial Helmet – 3 600 gil.
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