FFXV Comrades Royal Sigils Map Locations & Description Guide

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Royal Sigils give you various bonuses and effects. They are marked on the map as sword icons. In the FFXV Comrades multiplayer expansion, there is also a quite nice story that revolves around the sigils, as you’re trying to get them to the safety of Lestallum. In return, they will grant you significant buffs that can totally change your playstyle. Because they can be pretty important, we’ll show you where to find all Royal Sigils in FFXV Comrades, their description and stats in this guide.

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FFXV Comrades Royal Sigil Locations Description Guide
FFXV Comrades Royal Sigils Locations & Description Guide
Note #1: These sigils are earned by reaching the Royal Tombs. We’re talking about the Royal Tombs from the Final Fantasy XV main game, in the same locations.

Note #2: There are some royal tombs which players can’t access in FFXV Comrades at the moment, so they can’t get their sigil buffs. These tombs are The Conqueror, Clever, Mystic, Fierce, and Father. Some of them, like the Conqueror and Clever, are in the east part of the map, while others were a part of the main story. We can expect to see these missing tombs in future updates.

Where to find All Royal Sigil Locations in FFXV Comrades

1. The Oracle’s Sigil: Healing Light enables the bearer’s curative spells to recover more HP across a wider range. It gives 100% more MP, 50% more spirit, and degrades 20% strength and vitality.

FFXV Comrades The Oracles Royal Sigil LocationThis is the first Sigil you can pick up in Comrades. It’s just north from Lestallum. You have to power up the line leading to it, once you are done powering up Lestallum. It costs 2.500 kW to reach this area. You’ll also get to complete a side mission, called “Let Sleeping Kings Lie”, and there is also a neat cutscene to follow up.
2. The Warrior’s Sigil: Untouchable enables the bearer to provoke enemies and dodge their attacks. Also enables the user to unleash a toppling Vacuum Wave when dodging attacks at the last minute. It also boosts HP by 30%, Spirit by 20%, and diminishes Vitality by 30%.

FFXV Comrades Warrior Royal Sigil LocationTo reach this tomb, you’ll need to head south / southeast from Lestallum. There are two camps you need to power up before you are able to reach this power station. The final process requires you to spend 38.000 kW. Unlike most of the royal tombs where you can earn sigils, this one is not in the same location as it is in the main game. It is also not skipable, as it is a part of the Chapter 10 main quest.
3. The Wanderer’s Sigil: Cheer enables the bearer to cheer on their comrades and imbue them with positive status effects, providing up to five boosts in total. It gives 40% more HP, 20% MP & 10% Vitality.

FFXV Comrades Wanderer's Royal Sigil Cheer LocationFollowing a power line west from Lestallum, you’ll reach a camp. From here, go north to yet another camp, and then west from there. Once you reach this area, the sigil’s location will be revealed from afar. The last step requires completing a level 14 Urgent quest: “The Marauding Midgardsormr”, and 6.000 kW.
4. The Rogue’s Sigil: Aerial Ace enables the bearer to take an invulnerable step in midair after attacking (costs MP). Also boosts the power of midair attacks. It gives 30% more strength and Spirit, 20% MP.

FFXV Comrades Rogue's Sigil Aerial Ace LocationFrom the previous one, keep powering line toward the north. As you get close to the camp that leads east toward the Meldacio Hunter HQ outpost, you’ll need to power up a line to the west. It leads to the Urgent level 20 quest: “The Terrible Treant”, which unlocks an 11.000 kW connection, and allows you to earn this sigil.
5. The Just’s Sigil: Omniguard enables the bearer to conjure a protective barrier that increases defense and recovery by gradually expanding more MP. It gives 30% more HP, 50% MP and 30% vitality. There are no side effects.

FFXV Comrades Just's Sigil Omniguard LocationTo get close to this sigil, you’ll need to power up lines south from Lestallum. There are two major paths you can take: the one going west from the first outpost toward Old Lestallum, and the other one to the south, toward Cauthess Depot. Both of them lead to a path that connects these two lines, where you’ll find the royal tomb. To reach it, you’ll also need to complete a level 18 urgent quest, “The Cursed Coeurl”, and spend 13.000 kW.
6. The Pious’s Sigil: Mutlicast enables the bearer to cast two offensive spells in a row by expanding more MP. Also increases MP recover rate. It degrades HP and Strength by 30%, and it gives 70% more Magic.

FFXV Comrades Pious's Sigil Multicast Map LocationThis sigil is obtained through the Royal Tomb in the southwestern part of the map. You’ll have to go through Old Lestallum and go south from this outpost. To reach its furthest end, where the royal tomb is hidden, you’ll have to complete a level 28 urgent quest “The Baleful Bandersnatch”.
7. The Tall’s Sigil: Aura replaces the bearer’s curative spell with Aura, which greatly increases the target’s attack for a short time. It buffs HP by 20%, Strength by 70%, and diminishes Spirit by 50%.

FFXV Comrades Tall's Sigil Aura Map LocationThis royal tomb is the furthest from Lestallum at this point. It is closest tomb to the outpost called Galdin Quay. If you are following the line east from Lestallum, at one point, it will take you south. Follow it and, just before the last camp next to Galdin Quay, you’ll spot what you need. The final step requires you to finish the level 40 urgent quest: “The Injurious Jabberwock” and spend 16.000 kW.
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