Destiny 2 Jack Queen King 3 Legendary Hand Cannon - Curse of Osiris

Jack Queen King 3 is one of the new weapons in Destiny 2, coming in the Curse of Osiris DLC. We saw it for the first time during last night’s livestream. It’s a legendary hand cannon everyone will be able to get through a quest, without having to rely on luck, dice rolls and bloody engrams.

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destiny 2 jack queen king legendary hand cannon
Destiny 2 Jack Queen King 3 Legendary Hand Cannon

As is customary for Destiny weapons, it a has a pretty cryptic description. It may mean something to long-time fans, but to me it’s a just a bit of fancy flavor text. Here’s what it says:

An army meets, and stands, and falls. Three nobles wage their hopeless war. In shifting madness, evil crawls. One stands above the battle’s roar.

As for the stats, they’ll will probably scale to your power level. The one we saw in the stream had 302 attack, a magazine that can hold twelve bullets and a fire rate of 150 rounds per minute. That’s pretty decent – a bit more than two bullets per second. We didn’t get a good look at the perks, but we know it has Lightweight, which lets you move faster when you have the weapon equipped. It also automatically reloads part of the magazine when you’re critically wounded.

In order to get it, you’ll have to finish the Mercury story missions first. Then you’ll have to go to the Lighthouse and talk to Brother Vance. You’ll need to buy a Lost Prophecy from him – in the video it was verse 3, but that might change before launch. Once you’re done gathering the stuff the verse mentions, talk to Brother Vance again and you’ll get an item. Use that item at the Weapon Forge, and you’ll receive the Jack Queen King 3 legendary hand cannon.

Of course, all this means nothing if it turns out to be a bad gun. But at least it’s one you can get without waiting for it to magically appear in an engram.

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