Destiny 2 Mercury Lost Sectors To Appear in Curse of Osiris

Lost Sectors will be making an appearance in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris. One of the best ways to farm tokens in the base game, tokens can be traded for engrams at faction vendors. The DLC tokens will be valid on Mercury, and the vendor in charge of them will probably be Brother Vance. Last night’s livestream and the accompanying gameplay videos have revealed a Lost Sector on Mercury, confirming at least one reliable way of getting tokens.

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destiny 2 curse of osiris lost sectors mercury
Destiny 2 Mercury Lost Sectors To Appear in Curse of Osiris

We’ve only seen one so far, but hopefully there’s more. According to reports from a preview event, they’re going to work the same way as before. You’ll have to find the location using the map markers, then discover the entrance with the help of markings in the environment. Once you’re inside, you’ll fight a bunch of enemies. Killing the elite mob in the deepest depths of the sector will yield a special cache key, which you can use to open a chest. The chest is guaranteed to have a Mercury Token inside, as well as some minor stuff.

We haven’t seen the inside of the sector itself, but that’s probably for the best – we wouldn’t want to spoil things too much. We do know it’s easy to find – you just need to hug the cliff edge on your left once you land at the initial spawn point. You’ll probably also want to give the Mercury regional chests a go, as they too contain tokens.

According to Bungie, one of the most rewarding activities in the expansion should be the Vex Crossroads public event. That might be true, but we’re placing our bets on the Weapon Forge and the quests that go along with it, the Lost Prophecies. If nothing else, it seems like it’s going to be less random when it comes to rewards.

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