FFXV Crestholm Channels Dungeon

Crestholm Channels is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XV. It is a part of The Ever Illustrious Regalia quest, given to you by Cindy in the Hammerhead Outpost. In this guide, we will show you where to find Crestholm Channels dungeon and how to defeat the Nagarani boss that is located in the sewers of this dungeon, how to get to Jormungand boss, and all of the generator locations in Crestholm Channels.

Crestholm Channels dungeon location

From Hammerhead Outpost, start going back to the city of Insomnia. Head back to the place where you started the game, where you will find the Crown City Parking Spot. Watch out, because now this area is populated by enemies. On the right side you will see a fence and an open door. Go through it, and follow the path until you reach a sewer entrance. This is the entrance to Crestholm Channels dungeon. Climb down the ladder and you will find yourself in the sewers.

Crestholm Channels Walkthrough

When you enter the sewers, start going to the left. You will see the stairs. Head up the stairs, and on the wall you will see the first generator out of four. Press the switch and this will turn on one of the four switches needed to unlock the door for Crestholm Channels boss. You can also pick up an Elixir in the nearby area.Go back, and kill the two level 44 Bussemands that are below the stairs. If you continue forward, you can proceed through the small passage to find Red Choker that increases your HP recovery rate. On the right you can slide down the pipe and you will drop into the room full of level 35 Gelatin and the Busemands (that you encountered before). Watch out, because at one moment a level 46 ronin Yojimbo will spawn. When you clear the room, head straight, and turn left. On the left you can go further to the upper level. Drop down to the room and you will find the second generator in Crestholm Channels.

Nagarani boss fight

When you power up two generators, go back to the first room on that lower level. From there, go left, and make another slide to the room before the boss. Deal with the monsters there and continue onward. You will see the opening, and Ignis will make a comment that this is the only way down.Nagarani boss is a level 49 snake-like creature. This boss can be tricky, because the arena is very small and you must constantly dodge its attacks. One of the most characteristic things about this boss is that it has the power to transform Noctis and his friends into toads. The best thing you can do to avoid that is to wear a Moon Pendant that protects the whole party from the toad effect. It appears that the aerial attacks worked best when attacking this boss. Also, it is worth noting that there is a safe spot where you can go out of the arena for a short breather. You can also find all 3 magic sources there.

Crestholm Channels Walkthrough continued

From the arena, go up the stairs and climb the ladders that will lead you into the area above the boss fight. Cross the narrow ledge and proceed across the sewer pipe. You will find yourself in the room that leads to the Jormungand boss, the final boss of this dungeon. It will be full of level 39 Ereshkigal mobs, so clear the room first. At this moment you can not proceed to Jormungand, but search the area for the Blood Sword. It absorbs the health of the fallen enemies.

Climb up the ladders, continue to the next room where the Black Flan will wait you in the form of mini-boss. After you defeat him, go to the ladders and you will see that you are once again above the Nagarani boss room. Climb up the ladders and you will see the third generator in Crestholm Channels.Open the door and you will find the crossroads. If you go left, you will find the locked door that would lead you to the beginning of the dungeon. Along the way you will take the Wyvern Lance and the right road will take you to a locked door. Go straight from the crossroads, jump over the fence and go into the middle passage. Go down the stairs and you will find the fourth generator in the Crestholm Channels and obtain the headlights for Regalia.Go back to the room after the Nagarani boss fight, across the ledge and sewer pipe. The door to the final boss Jormungand will be open.

Jormungand boss fight

Jormungand is a giant snake-like boss with the head of a dragon. The arena where you will fight him is much bigger than the Nagarani fight, so make sure to take advantage of that. As you will have much more room to maneuver, don’t stand too close to him. The boss itself is very dangerous, it deals fire damage, so make sure to have some fire resistant gear equipped. He also has AoE attacks, so learn his moves in the process and know when to dodge them and when to attack him.

There is a Thermal Suit Outfit you can acquire later on in the game. If you somehow skipped this boss, be sure to pick up and equip this outfit before you come back for Jormungand. We’ve made a guide about it: Thermal Suit Location. This Suit protects you from fire.

When you defeat him, that will be the end of the Crestholm Channels dungeon.

Crestholm Channels Locked Door

You can find an intricate locked door at the end of the dungeon, but you won’t be able to open it. You might waste time trying to figure out how to open it, but the solution isn’t available until later. If you’re interested in getting through it, check out our FFXV dungeon locked door guide.

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  1. V

    Dude! This is a complicated dungeon. I would never figured it out that i had to jump over the fence!

    Thank you for this guide. Really helped a lot!

  2. B

    Fighting Nagarani and when I hit for the last time it completely healed itself again!! Talk about maddening!

    Anybody else have that happen?

    1. K

      It happened to me bro
      I ran out and left the dungeon..
      Getting turned into a frog non stop lol

    2. J

      I went in to fight him at lvl 84 and he never had the chance, I hit him with a spell everytime he went to heal

  3. J

    I have no idea why, but I was Invulnerable to his fire based attacks when I fought him. I really have no idea why either, as none of my gear made it seem like it gave Fire Resistance, but my entire party wasn’t taking any damage from the bosses fire attacks. I was level 50 when I went into that dungeon, so that’s the only excuse I can think of to explain it.

    1. N

      You probably had a dish that made you invulnerable to fire prior to fighting him.

  4. K

    I just ran passed Nagarani to the room with all of the magic canisters, went up to the stairs as described in the guide but when I was at the room that overlooks his room, I basically just stood on the ledge and threw lightening magic over the ledge until I was in combat long enough to summon Zeus’ Stalker Clone

  5. W

    This was absolutely horrible. I had to spam Hi Elixir and Mega Phoenix during Nagarani and last boss. Glad I never used them before and I had handful of it. I managed to sumon Ramuh but he didnt kill the last boss.

  6. N

    For anyone struggling with Jormungand, s/he’s very vulnerable to Blizzard, I made a “Stopcast :Blizzara” (Ice + Maiden’s Kiss) and made Ignes buff me then hack and slashed the main body Kratos style. Jumungand didn’t stand a chance.

    1. A

      I found that all reptiles are vulnerable to cold cause yanno reptiles..

  7. B
    Brixun Mortar

    i’ve activated all 4 generators (done that when i was looking for headlights) but the door to Jormungand is still locked and only shows 3 generators working? i’ve been back and checked them all and they’re on! am i missing something?

    1. F

      The first one, the first time you interact just to check, gotta interact again to flip the switch.

  8. J

    All the ladders are gone and lights are off idk what to do to fix it.

  9. C

    Thanks, man. This dungeon sucked hard, but Im glad someone helped me out.

    Also, I hate that I had to cheat. LOL.

  10. T

    Dungeon sucks in a good way (IMO), bosses are hard, glad i came stocked. On a random note, after I killed Jormungand, Gladiolus was stuck on the other side of the serpent from the part and kept trying to move through the serpent to get to us, making it look like he was humping Jormungand to establish dominance or tea bagging him*

  11. X

    Just want to point out that when you said ‘jump over the fence and go into the middle passage’ there were 4 passages. The second from the right was the one. Thanks for that, I wouldn’t have tried to jump over that fence at all, ran around in circles for a long time.

  12. B

    Every dungeon ive been to so far has a royal weapon thats usually really strong, does this one have one as well? Or do i just defeat Jorm and walk out like a boss? ; Jorm isnt hard to beat if youre level 45+ take advantage of the fact that this game allows you to switch gear mid-fight. I fought him 3 times so i can have a crazy XP boost and i also ate food that allows my xp to be multiplied, AND theres also an item inside the dungeon that gives the user more xp during combat or whatever, which i wore, so from every fight i got a good 2.8 xp boot and i never went to sleep. I pretty much just used a two or three spells everytime i battled him

  13. C

    Thanks, this was very helpful in the fact that i was lost.

  14. R

    Not much struggle to fight jormungand if you have lv above that snake….

  15. F

    Just beat this dungeon at level 1~ Both bosses.

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