FFXV Sturdy Helixhorn Locations - Final Fantasy 15 A Better Engine Blade

Sturdy Helixhorn is an item you can find in Final Fantasy XV. They are horns, and they seem like unnecessary junk, only there to be sold off.
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However, they most certainly are not. You absolutely need to have this item in order to complete the A Better Engine Blade III quest. When you get this item, you can take it to Cid in Hammerhead Garage and he will upgrade your Engine Blade III. Final Fantasy XV Sturdy Helixhorn locations guide shows where to find Sturdy Helix horn, so you can complete A Better Engine Blade III quest.

FF 15 Where to find Sturdy Helixhorn

The Sturdy Helixhorn is an item you can find in the game. It drops from a certain kind of enemy, called a Duplicorn, and it’s a very rare drop. Keep your eyes peeled for it. In Cleigne: Old Lestallum outpost go to the Diner and speak with the Tipster. He’ll give you The last Spiracorns hunt quest level 29. You’ll have to defeat 2 Duplicorns and 3 Spiracorns in Lower Wennath. Attack Duplicorn’s horn / head to make him drop Sturdy Helixhorn item. Sturdy Helixhorn is not 100% drop, thus, you’ll have to repeat the hunt quest or reload the save file. Use Sword of the wise to increase the drop rate.

Sturdy Helixhorn is labeled as a treasure item, and many of those seem like nothing more than object to sell for extra gil. However, you really shouldn’t do that. You never know when these items might be of some use. Most of them have the exact use as the Sturdy Helixhorn – Cid can use them to upgrade your weapons. Giving him the helixhorn will complete the Better Engine Blade III quest. When you wrap up this quest, you’ll receive some EXP and an upgraded Engine Blade III. The weapon will then have an even higher damage output.

In order to increase your chances of getting the Sturdy Helixhorn drop, you could try eating the Mother & Child Rice Bowl dish. It will increase the drop rate for a while. You could also equip the Sword of the Wise armiger. The Hardedge greatsword is also a good option, as it increases the break-off chance. You can buy it in Lestallum. Some people report parries increasing the drop chance, but there’s no way for us to verify this. It’s a dice roll, basically, so you’ll just have to keep trying.

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  1. M
    Mustafa AL Hamoud

    Using SWORD OF THE WISE will make it A LOT Easier to get the Sturdy Helixhorn

    1. M

      I used Scepter of the Pious, second Duplicorn got it.

    2. C
      Chris Tysinger

      The Papa Bird & Baby Bowl can be found in Lestalhum near the lookout stands and gives you 100% Rate Drop. Did this quest one time and got 2 Sturdy HelixHorn

      1. S

        Just because you got it on the first try does not mean it gives 100% drop rate.

      2. B

        great work. You’re the ONLY person I heard mention this 100% food buff. And luckily I already had it. Just did that, equipped the breaker sword AND the sword of arts (no need to swing with sword of art to get perks), and I actually got 3 in the first fight… satisfied. I don’t think I would have found this item if I didn’t look it up. So freaking random. “hey find me a hexillslslsldl horn. no hints!”

  2. G

    I’ve broken the horn off both a good 25 times and still no drop. Is there anything else you have to do. Using the sword of the wise. Too.

    1. K

      Try using a food that increases drop rate? I don’t remember which one it was, but I know I saw at least one somewhere.

    2. J

      I got it on my 5th horn break.

      1. Y

        Mother & Child Rice Bowl? 50% Drop rate (lvl 5 perception) You can get it by walking near a woman eating near the overlook (where the telescopes are)

  3. H

    ive been doinghooped the head peice off each time this for hours and no drop and ive c

  4. H

    i mean i have been doing this method for the last few hours and ive chopped off the head piece each time only get supple tails .

  5. A

    Doesn’t work. Broke the horn a dozen times, no dop. Even with sword of the wise.

  6. B

    Try eating the “Mother & Child Rice Bowl” for extra drop rate before hunting. The recipe can be located in Lestallum near the overlook by watching a mother eat at a table with her kid. It gives drop rate +50%.

  7. S

    Did the quest 5 times. Blade of the wise equipped. Finally dropped. Does work eventually.

  8. H

    yea i tryed the 50% drop thing earlier today but i think what helped was using waitmode and the apendage drop perk worked on my 2nd run

  9. J

    Hey guys. I got it on the 5th horn break, reloading a save from right outside the hunt zone, WITHOUT food, using sword. It’s rng baby.

    1. J

      Oh, also, it’s not about doing the “quest”. You have to break horns, that’s it, go in, break the two horns, if it doesn’t drop, leave combat, reload.

  10. T

    I’m at the spot where they spawn but I don’t see any, I’ve ran around looking as well still no luck, maybe I’m in the wrong spot? Literally on the red square thing

    1. R
      Ryan Stahon

      This is the same problem I’m having.

  11. S

    Did the quest over 20 times; break horn on a parry and it drops…

    1. E

      Right after reading this and trying it, I got it first try…after attempting 30+ times to get it before hand ;v;

  12. B

    Been at this for 3 hours, probably done it around 30+ Times, I think there’s more factors to it than just chance…

    1. N

      just did it ate the mom and child rice for the 50% chance increase plus the sword of the wise and got 2 horns first try lol

  13. D

    Just to help. You only need to break the horn to get it, if successful you will get it straight away. You DO NOT need to kill them. Just break the horn, if you don’t get it with the two horn breaks. Leave and load game. I got mine finally after the 10th try or so. Equip sword of the wise, helps alot!!

    1. M
      Makise Kurisu

      THANK YOU!!

      This guy gets it. You don’t need to kill them, you just need to parry them while they’re charging you. I got my horn while it still had a lot of health.

      Took 8 tries. I ate the Mother & Child curry, used the Sword of the Wise. Nothing. Then I got the Wait mode appendage drop perk, used it, and parried the charging Duplihorn on my 8th try. Worked like a charm.

  14. S

    Did this twice, second fight I parried 10+ times and got it to drop

  15. J

    Guys EAT that food. first go after camping!

  16. T

    Eat the food, use the sword of the wise, and use hardedge. Make a save before engaging. You can target the horn SPECIFICALLY and just keep warp striking it. After it breaks, if you don’t immediately get it, target the next duplicorn and repeat. No drop, reload save. Keep going until you get it.

  17. F

    Is there another way to get the strudy helixhorn? Didnt know about the horn. I already finished the hunt and yet im still in EB3.

    1. P
      Pooh Bear

      Yes, you can retry hunts.

  18. F

    You can retry hunts after you complete them. It took 3 in game days to get it, but I got 2 on the 3rd day.

  19. K

    I took out the 3 Spiracorns and left the 2 ducicorns, then went to the camp site eat the mother son noodles, and saved my game before entering the yellow circle. That way if I didn’t get the sturdy hexicorn from the 3 after the first time milking them I could just load my game and be ready to try again without wasting items and food and more importantly lots of time going to the diner and re getting the mission and everything. It took me 2 fights with the Duricorns before they dropped the sturdy hexilcorn. I tried last night for about an hour and fought them 3-5 times minamin without luck. I had Gladiolus equipped with the hard edge and Noctis use the sword of the wise. Best of luck to you and don’t give up it’s well worth it.

    1. N

      What chapter are you guys in??

  20. F

    mother and child rice really helped along with sword of the wise. First try with both equipped while aiming at the horns.

  21. V

    I don’t know if that’s the trick but as soon as I activated Sword Of The Wise Armiger it gave me the item. Simply attacking the head and breaking did nothing for me.

  22. T

    I just did it saves right before the hunt and got it off the first horn break from the 1st duplicorn. I used Hardedge greatsword and ate kenny’s salmon right b4. I did nothing else Dont know if either of those helped me get it so fast.

  23. D

    I got two of them on the 6th try but first try using mother rice child bowl (50% drop rate), casual outfit (increase critical hit chance) and scepter of the pious. Don’t know if the casual outfit helps but im gonna go with it does. The scepter of the pious helps because of it automatically aiming for the head.

  24. A

    Gladiolus downhammer or warp- strike (after scanning with libra) is the easiest way to go

    1. J
      Jaymie Wilson

      Listen to this guy! Had my gladio equipped with a hard edge and did downhammer on the duplicorn and got the sturdy helixhorn first try!!

  25. B
    Brooks lockhart

    I am on chapter 3 but leveled up to hunter level 4 already , so I no longer see the hunt to retry ant the crows nest . So question is what can I do now .

  26. M

    There’s another hunt that gives them as well, It’s “scrap it now!”. It’s a lvl 61 hunt and you need to be rank 7 I think. You have to kill 3 Leukorn, and all 3 gave me a sturdy helixhorn on break. I only noticed because I had grinder out this other painfully method. Worth it if your high lvl just sidequest grinding.

  27. T

    This game is garbage. The combat is trash and the +50% drop rate doesn’t work. I’ve done this about 15 times and it isn’t dropping. People complain that FFXIII was bad, but this game just as horrible.

    1. J
      Jaymie Wilson

      Different strokes for different folks i guess i actually like this game alot 80 hours in and i can say its one of my favorite final fantasys only 6 and 7 are better imo

  28. A

    LUL, Got the drop the first horn i rekt XD Luckyyy (I guess?)

  29. S

    Just thought I would share that I went to Old Lestallum to check, and I had completed the lvl 29 quest already and the lvl 61 hadn’t appeared. But I clicked on lvl 29 quest and it gave me the ability to “replay hunt”. I had no idea this feature existed but my current objective is now to kill 2 Duplicorns and 3 Spiracorns, so I can grind it now. Hope this helps someone.

  30. D

    I got a sturdy helixhorn from a Spiracorn not Duplicorn.
    I was using warp strike, targeting the horn, equipped with Sword of the Wise.

  31. M
    Mike B

    I used the tips others had said, which was getting them from the duplicorns. Took me forever. However, I just finished the Untamed Wild Horses hunt that has you taking down 7 Spira corns, broke all their horns and got 4 sturdy helixhorns from that fight alone. Kinda pissed I wasted all that time redoing that other hint.

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