Episode Ignis Teaser Found in Latest Final Fantasy XV DLC

After the ending credits of Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Prompto roll, there’s a short teaser for the next DLC. The next add-on is called Episode Ignis, and it’s going to tell the story of how everyone’s favorite cook ended up blind. The teaser also revealed the release window for it, and it’s not coming soon.

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episode ignis teaser ffxv
Episode Ignis teaser

First of all, the launch window – the video says it’s coming in December, but there’s not firm date yet. This means it could end up being delayed, but hopefully it won’t. Having to wait six months for what’s arguably the most interesting piece of DLC is torture as it is.

Onto the video: it’s really, really short. It’s set on a rainy battlefield, where the camera pans to show us a bunch of soldiers holding Ignis down on the ground. As he struggles to free himself, Ardyn approaches. There’s a nasty grin on his face, and he says something as he looks down on Ignis. We don’t hear the words he speaks, but after the screen goes dark, we can hear glass shatter. That’s presumably the sound of Ignis’ glasses being broken.

It’s quite possible this is how he was blinded. But how did he end up in that situation? Why was he fighting there all alone? And how did a group of five or six measly soldiers manage to overpower a mage as skilled as him? Most importantly, what the hell is it that Ardyn said to him before presumably stomping on his pretty face?

We’ll hopefully find out the answers to these and all the other questions we have once December comes around. Square Enix did say they were going to save the best for last, but we didn’t expect to wait this long. At least we’ve got the off-road Regalia to kill some time with.

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