Final Fantasy XV Bestiary Feature Possible in Future Update

Final Fantasy XV players have their hands full this week. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival event is live, and it provides a lot of fun things to do and games to play. However, this isn’t nearly the end of the updates. According to Hajime Tabata, director of the game, FFXV will get a lot in the future. This includes a patch for Chapter 13 to make it more interesting. There’s also hints that one of the possible future additions is a monster bestiary feature.

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Final Fantasy XV Bestiary Feature Possible in Future Update
Final Fantasy XV Bestiary Feature Possible in Future Update

In an interview with EntertainmentStation, Hajime Tabata was asked about the possibility of a monster bestiary in Final Fantasy XV in the future. Perhaps it could be an item that would allow players to see enemies’ weaknesses and which items they dropped. Tabata’s answer is vague, but still promising:

“There are plans. As for when it’ll release, please wait for further news.”

“There are plans” is common publisher speak for when they don’t want to say “maybe”. However, Square Enix has been working very hard on improving Final Fantasy 15, and there’s no reason to doubt them too much.

It’d certainly be useful to know which drop you can get from which enemy, especially since you can use some of them to upgrade your weapons. For detailed instructions on how to upgrade your weapons and which components you need, check out our Final Fantasy XV Upgradeable Weapons guide.

Meanwhile, before those future updates arrive (including an unannounced expansion), players can enjoy the Moogle Chocobo Carnival until late February. The carnival that celebrates the two most famous creatures in Final Fantasy offers numerous games and quests to complete. There’s the Moogle Chocobo Carnival Photo Challenge, the Brothers Kupomazov Moogle hunt, the Decorations Quests, and a lot more.

Hopefully, Tabata and crew will give the same amount of attention to future updates and events. And if one of them includes the Bestiary, all the better!

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