Prey Release Date Revealed, New Trailer Released

Prey is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of 2017. The upcoming first person sci-fi immersive sim from Arkane Studios will let us fight for the future of humanity aboard a space station, as Morgan Yu, a scientist turned one man army. And now it finally has a release date. It’s set to release on May 5th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. As you’d expect, preorders are open.

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prey release date revealed
Prey release date

Bethesda has released a new trailer for the occasion. It sums up the plot in a couple of minutes, and shows off a big part of Morgan’s arsenal – powers, weapons and such. There’s a gravity grenade somewhere in there, which is just dandy. Figuring out what each weapon actually does might be too hard, based on just seconds of footage, though. Your main objective will be to stop the Typhon aliens from reaching Earth. While you’re on break, you’re going to be trying to piece together truth behind the infestation, as well as your own identity. Some of the shots from the trailer make it seem like you’re not actually a scientist, but a test subject at the facility. It all sounds and looks mighty exciting, and Arkane has an amazing track record. Take a look at the video yourself:

If you preorder, you’ll get the “Exclusive cosmonaut shotgun pack”, which hardly sounds like a reason to put down cash for a thing that doesn’t actually exist yet. To each their own, though. In case you’re interested, the pack contains Margrave Shotgun & ammo plans (crafting blueprints, probably), two medkits, three transtar neuromods (these are probably skill points), a recycler shielding chipset and a bunch of fabrication materials. There’s probably some quaint story behind that fancy weapon, but it’s hardly incentive to buy before you have a chance to check out the reviews. Remember, preorders aren’t beneficial to anyone except publishers.

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