Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio Story DLC Will Feature Gilgamesh

Final Fantasy XV deserves to be celebrated as the savior of the series. It’s been quite a while since an entry in the franchise encapsulated everything that players love about it. And not only that, but Square Enix seems to really be pouring a lot of love in the game. Forgive me for saying so, but that hasn’t exactly been the case lately, and it’s elating to see it happening. There’s so much DLC coming for the game, both paid and free, that will serve to enrich the game, not only fix it.

The downloadable content for FF XV will focus mainly on expanding the story, even possibly additional playable characters. The season pass for the game will feature four DLC story expansions for our main protagonists. One of them will, of course, follow Gladio. And it seems that a classic FF villain might make an appearance. Yes, Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio story DLC will feature Gilgamesh.

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Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladio Story DLC Will Feature Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy XV Story DLC episode Gladio

For all the love and praise that Final Fantasy XV is getting (and deservedly so), there’s no denying that the storytelling was a little… off. There’s quite a bit of DLC in store for the game, and it will come out mostly over the next six months. A lot of it will focus on expanding the story, especially Chapter 13. Many players have expressed their frustration over the fact that the story of a story-driven game needs a patch. I can absolutely see where they’re coming from, but that debate is not our focus here.

The paid DLC for the game will feature four new chapters that will focus on the protagonists of the story individually. The one garnering attention right now is Episode Gladio. Spoiler warning from here onward.
At one point in the main game, Gladio leaves the party to tend to personal matters, and returns with a scar on his chest. Apparently, in Episode Gladio, we’ll get to see how he got it.

According to the special book sent to select YouTubers, mentioned in the video embedded below, the answer might be Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is a classic, recurring villain in the franchise. He made appearances in several installments, and is usually a very hard obstacle.

Here’s what DLC producer Haruyoshi Sawatari has to say in the book.
“In Episode Gladio, you’re able to go into areas that cannot be entered in the main game. In this, the player confronts an enemy called Gilgamesh, who can only be seen in Episode Gladio.”

Is that how Gladio got his scar? We’ll have to wait and see.

The YouTuber Mrhappy1227 looked through some concept art for the episode, and came up with the image you saw at the beginning of this article. It looks like a modified Iron Giant, but that could be the design for Gilgamesh.

Are you excited about the prospect of fighting Gilgamesh in Episode Gladio? What are your expectations from the other episodes? Tell us in the comments!

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