Final Fantasy XV Broken Car Quest Locations

Final Fantasy 15 Broken Cars Locations guide shows where you can find and help those in need. The ones that have a broken car, at least. Unlike many other side quests, these ones are not marked on the map. You’ll have to approach and interact with the broken car people to start the quest.

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FFXV Broken Cars Quests General Information

  1. To start the Broken Cars quest, you’ll have to find people standing next to their broken cars. They are usually positioned close to the main road. Talk to them, and you’ll start the quest.
  2. You can spot these unfortunate people during day and night. Their showing is not time based.
  3. There are some prerequisites for them to show up. Some of them will not show if you haven’t completed certain broken car quests or advanced through the main story.
  4. There are many locations throughout Leide, Duscae and Cleigne where you can find them all. To visit all their locations marked below, you’ll need to progress with the main story for a bit. It is certain that you’ll need to get to the point where you need to set sail for Altissia to get them all.
  5. To repair broken cars, you’ll need a repair kit. These kits can be bought from the many shops and vendors. It costs 100 gil. The ones that are most likely to sell it are found near the gas stations.
  6. Quest rewards are poor, but with the short time invested, they are valuable.

Leide Broken Car Locations

1.Highway Helper300 exp, 500 gil
2.Stranded on the Sand500 exp, 900 gilQuest No.1 (“Highway Helper”) completed
3.Roadside Assistance500 exp, 900 gilQuest No.2 (“Stranded on the Sand”) completed
4.Automotive Agitation1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.2 (“Stranded on the Sand”) completed
5.Broken-Down300 exp, 500 gil
6.Car-Mic Retribution500 exp, 1 500 gilQuest No.5 (“Broken-Down”) completed
7.Waiting for Help350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.6 (“Car-Mic Retribution”) completed
8.Unlucky Driver300 exp, 500 gil
9.One Tune-up Too Many350 exp, 900 gilQuest No.8 (“Unlucky Driver”) completed
10.Careless in a Car1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.8 (“Unlucky Driver”) completed

Duscae Broken Car Locations

1.New to the road350 exp, 900 gil
2.I’m late500 exp, 1 500 gilQuest No.1 (“New to the road”) completed
3.Shoulda Been Serviced350 exp, 900 gil
4.That Brand-New Car Smell350 exp, 900 GilQuest No.3 (“Shoulda Been Serviced”) completed
5.Tune-Up Shmune-Up1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.3 (“Shoulda Been Serviced”) completed
6.The Jolly Joyrider350 exp, 900 gil
7.The Perpetual Passenger1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.6 (“The Jolly Joyrider”) completed
8.Through a Rose-Tinted Windshield1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.7 (“The Perpetual Passenger”) completed
9.Hurrying Home500 exp, 1 500 gilQuest No.8 (“Through a Rose Tinted Windshield”) completed
10.Wild beasts on the Open Road500 exp, 1 500 gil

Cleigne Broken Car Locations

1.Dude, Where’s My Car?800 exp, 2 500 gil
2.Keep Calm and Keep Driving800 exp, 2 500 gilQuest No.1 (“Dude, Where’s My Car?”) completed
3.Big Head Behind the Wheel400 exp, 1 500 gil
4.Oh my Grease-Monkey Goddess!400 exp, 1 500 gilQuest No.3 (“Big Head Behind the Wheel”) completed
5.Vehicle Vexation400 exp, 1 500 gil
6.A Driver in Despair400 exp, 1 500 gilQuest No.5 (“Vehicle Vexation”) completed
7.My Beloved Chariot400 exp, 1 500 gil
8.A Manic Motorist1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.7 (“My Beloved Chariot”) completed
9.Alone on the Road1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.7 (“My Beloved Chariot”) completed
10.Pedal to the Metal1 500 exp, 6 000 gilQuest No.8 (“A Manic Motorist”) completed
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  1. J
    Joey M

    Can you please update this. Car-Mic Retribution requires Chapter 4 AND you need to go to Cape Caem. I dont know what you need to do in Cape Caem because after leveling to Chapter 4 and going to Cape Caem, The car still doesnt show up.

    1. I guess you’ve completed “Broken-Down “? I’ve done them all later on in the story, can’t say what triggers this one.

  2. K

    thanks this is great

  3. J

    Careless in a Car doesn’t have any prerequisites. Going through them all now, just finished unlucky driver, and Careless was already done.

  4. C

    Stranded on the Sand can only be completed after Chapter 1 is completed

  5. Y

    Dude thanks a lot for the effort of mapping them all AND adding individual maps and details for each one. Really helpful and saved me a lot of time.
    I wish you included the chapter prerequisite for some of them, though. The last two cars in Cleigne, Alone on the Road and Pedal to the Metal, both require you complete Chapter 9, for anyone wondering.

  6. Y

    DUSCAE Prerequisites:
    1. New to the road: Chapter 3 completed
    2. I’m late: Get back the Regalia in Chapter 5 + Quest No.1 (“New to the road”) completed
    3. Shoulda Been Serviced: Head to Coernix Station – Lestallum during Chapter 6
    4. That Brand-New Car Smell: Retrieve the Regalia in Chapter 5 + Quest No.3 (“Shoulda Been Serviced”) completed
    5. Tune-Up Shmune-Up: complete Chapter 9 + Quest No.3 (“Shoulda Been Serviced”) completed
    6. The Jolly Joyrider: complete Chapter 3
    7. The Perpetual Passenger: complete Chapter 9 + Quest No.6 (“The Jolly Joyrider”) completed
    8. Through a Rose-Tinted Windshield: complete Chapter 9 + Quest No.7 (“The Perpetual Passenger”) completed
    9. Hurrying Home: Quest No.8 (“Through a Rose Tinted Windshield”) completed
    10. Wild beasts on the Open Road: complete Chapter 3

  7. J

    Too bad there isn’t a trophy for helping all the stranded motorists.

    Is there an in-game way of knowing you found them all?

    1. K

      Yup!! Go to your quests menu and press triangle. That will take you to all your completed quests. You may have to scroll way down depending on how many quests you have accomplished.

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