FFXV 101 Extended Cut Trailer

Final Fantasy XV 101 Extended Cut Trailer is the latest Square Enix promo video published on November 21st, 2016. This is not your typical promo video. The nine minute length makes sure of that. If you are not sure what to expect, or you want to check out what is new in FFXV take a look at the video below.

The extended cut trailer starts with a quick introduction of the FFXV story. This is something the new players would like to see. The short story line ends as we are introduced to Noctis. The young rebellious prince leads his group of friends towards their destiny. You might say it is easy, as he can do it with the help of many weapons at his disposal.

Noctis is not alone on this journey. He is accompanied by several of his friends. Prompto the Livewire is the second character we are introduced to. Many FFXV fans will not like him the most, but the power he brings into the fight might change their minds. In just a couple of the lines we can see a glimpse of Prompto’s personalty. This is also true for Gladioulus the Bodyguard and Ignis the Strategist, two other Noctis’ friends. Playing the demos, you really feel the excitement that trailer tries to show for the main characters.

The other supporting characters are also given some space. Why not? They are as important as the main characters. Find out what more to expect.

Combat is something that FFXV is relying on to draw the players into the game. Sequences that follow the character introduction are combat ones. Find out how in-depth the combat system is and what to look forward, or not… How important combat is in FFXV, is also shown on this trailer, as the Magic System gets its own introduction sequence. Magic is a part of the combat system. It is really fun, because it changes the environment on impact. This is all spiced up with various Ascension Skill Tree abilities and summons.

The end shows the events that all the previous trailer cutscenes introduces to us. It feels like the nine minute 101 Trailer fits all the information perfectly and gives a decent glimpse into what you can expect from the game.

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