FFXV Barbed Scythe Locations

Barbed Scythe is a treasure item in Final Fantasy XV. If you’re using the Plunderers daggers, you’re going to need it for the enhancement Cid offers. During the A Better Pair of Plunderers quest, you’ll have to collect this item and bring it to him, so he can upgrade Plunderers. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Final Fantasy XV Barbed Scythe locations.

Final Fantasy XV Barbed Scythe

We’ve only found them in one place – Malmalam Thicket dungeon. The entrance is located in the southwest of the map, east of the giant volcano. Even there, you won’t find them lying on the ground. They come as an enemy drop from the giant, purple hornets that live in the jungle. They’re called Soldier Wasps, and they’re level 37. The item doesn’t always drop when you kill them, but you’re bound to get at least a handful when you run through the dungeon.

There’s a chance you’ll find a vendor who sells these, but we haven’t. In any case, a single run through the dungeon will guarantee at least one, which is enough to upgrade the shiny new daggers you’ve got. We haven’t discovered another use for this item, but considering how things usually turn out, you’re probably best off saving each one you find. If an opportunity to use them presents itself, it’s better to have them at hand then go and farm them all over again.

When you bring the item and the weapon to Cid, he’ll start working on it. You’ll need to wait a fair bit before it’s done, but simply doing other stuff won’t help. You’ll have to go to a resting place and sleep it off.

If you know of another location where the barbed scythe can be obtained, leave a comment and let us know. We’re going to update the guide if and when we get new info.

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  1. N

    Hello just obtained these by trading 4 carrots.

  2. T

    I found mine doing the quest for the Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration. I believe I got it from the wasps up there, but now that I write this, I wonder if it was the wasps or the scorpions up there. The technical dungeon entrance is The Rock of Ravatogh. When you reach the main lava spill, you go right for the photo op, if you go left though, you fight more mobs and some of them later are wasps, I believe it was a group of 3 or 4 and a Spiralcorn. I really should have paid more attention when I did the quest and taken notes. While you are up there you can also get the Armiger weapon – Mace of the Fierce

    1. T

      Went back and ran the mountain again, because I hadn’t known the mace was up there when I ran it the first time. I can confirm I got the Barbed Scythe from the wasps on the volcano, so it is possible to have the upgrade piece and be ready by the time you get the daggers.

  3. D

    I’ve been through the thicket dungeon about five times now without a single barbed scythe drop. But I did get one off the Killer Bees in The Rock of Ravatogh on the first try.

  4. J
    Justin Wedding

    I keep getting sharp scythe are they the same

  5. J

    Killer wasps at the rock of ravatogh dungeon have them guaranteed. NOT the soldier wasps as mentioned above.

  6. N

    Theres a hunt at the Verinas MART at Ravatogh that lets you hunt both solider and killer wasp, I got two of the barbed scythes on my first try

  7. S

    I can confirm this, you get them from Killer Wasps at Ravatogh, not the Soldier Wasps at Malmalam

  8. C

    Kill quest: Deadly extermination given at ravatogh also has 3 deadly wasps and 3 solder wasps, got it first try

  9. A

    The wasps in Malmalam Thicket don’t drop this. You have to go up to the top of the volcano. I know this is old, but I wish IGN would correct this. I wasted three farming sessions with no drops in the Thicket before I went to the volcano and got them the first time.

  10. N

    UPDATE: I found a MUCH easier place to obtain the barbed scythe. It worked for me first try (with the help of Mother and Child Rice Bowl) despite getting absolutely annihilated by the Killer Wasps at the Ravatogh hunter job right before accidentally finding these other wasps.

    The place to go is The Myrlwood area of The Vesperpool region, just outside the Myrlewood Dungeon, exactly 400 feet due southeast of the dungeons map marker.

    So enter The Vesperpool and head to the western side of the region, toward the Myrlwood Dungeon entrance. Just put a map marker on the red symbol for the dungeon entrance and run due southeast until you run into two Killer Wasps. I didn’t have the presence of mind to take note of what level they were, but they couldn’t have been above 20 or so. I’m lvl 50 and had absolutely no problem taking them both out in less than 2 minutes. These two wasps are ‘far and away’ the easier and faster option.

    Don’t forget to eat Mother and Child Rice Bowl and drop a save before you head to this spot.

  11. A
    Angel Avalon

    *in Steyliff Grove, in the Vesperpool area to the NorthEast.

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