Final Fantasy 15 Best AP Farming

FFXV AP farming is a method that allows you to earn AP fast in Final Fantasy XV. Getting ability points in an effective manner will allow you to upgrade your ascension grid skills faster, and get the expensive 999 AP ones without too much effort. In this guide, we’re going to show you a good method for Final Fantasy XV AP farming, to help you upgrade your abilities better.

FFXV Best AP Farming Method

Here’s the best way to farm AP (if you need more details, scroll down and look at the old method – they’re pretty similar):

  1. Get to chapter 4, so you obtain the beast whistle.
  2. Grab the Shield of the Just armiger.
  3. Go to the desert across the road from Hammerhead.
  4. Use the whistle to summon enemies.
  5. As soon as they start materializing, warp strike them with the shield. It does AoE damage, and if they group closely enough, it will kill them off before combat even begins.
  6. Repeat until you’ve got all the AP you want.
This method saves a lot of time compared to the one below, since you don’t have to wait for the EXP tally at the end of combat. You’ll earn 2-4 AP for every group, and you’ll only need about 5 seconds to summon and destroy them. You’ll be able to earn at least 200 AP for ten minutes of farming this way.

AP Farming Final Fantasy 15

First off, you’ll need to wait until you reach the beginning of Chapter 4. As soon as the chapter starts, you’ll get a beast whistle, which is essential for this method. Once you’ve got it, here’s what you need to do:
  1. Equip the weapon with the highest damage output you’ve got. Don’t forget to equip the strength accessories.
  2. Go to the pillars across the road from Hammerhead Garage.
  3. Use the whistle. It will summon a handful of extremely low level enemies.
  4. Use warp strikes to kill enemies. Each warp kill rewards you with 1 AP, no abilities needed.
  5. Use warp points to help regenerate mana during combat and speed things up.
  6. Once you’ve cleared the group, use the whistle again. As soon as you notice the red area on your minimap disappear, use the whistle again. This will lower the time that you’ll have to wait for the new enemies.
  7. There is a dedicated Warp Strike ascension talent. Use your new points to learn this skill. It is located under the Combat Ascension Abilities. You can see the full list in our Ascension Skill Tree List.
You can keep doing this for as long as your patience holds. It’s a grind, but it’s highly profitable – it yields better results than any other method we’ve tried. You can get anywhere between 30 and 50 AP for 5 minutes of this – it depends on how well versed you are, and whether you can one-shot the enemies.

If you’re into fishing, buying the skill that awards AP when you catch fish and simply going fishing is also a great way to get them, while doing something enjoyable. If not, just stick to the method we’ve described above – you’re certainly going to get a lot out of it. If you know of a better way, feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. D

    i’ve noticed if you need to run around after blowing the beast whistle for the enemies to consistently show up right after you blow it. If you just stand there they seem to be delayed.

  2. B

    I’ve been warpstriking to get ap for a while now and thank you for this area.

  3. R

    Just do the lvl 5 camp training and warp atk glad. Then retry it. You get 1 ap per train. Just repeat it and you’ll get 1ap/15secs.

    1. N

      I get 10 ap in the same amount of time doing this.

    2. Z

      This is great. Also, equip a necklace or something to increase strength attribute and also equip the sword of the wise. It increase the warpstrike damage and quick warp

  4. S
    Senketsu Kira

    love how i posted the link to the madness gaming video down here the other day before you guys had it up on the site and now my post is gone hmm love that no one thanked me and you ended up using it anyways.

    1. S

      Thx bro for sharing *fist bump*

  5. J

    How to get Beast Whistle in Chap 4?

    1. S
      Senketsu Kira

      Its in the regalia shop

    2. C

      Beast whistle is aquired as part of the main story, not in a shop.

      1. S
        Senketsu Kira

        actually your right and wrong at the same time. if you installed the day one patch the beast whistle is given to you by ardyn but if you didn’t get the day one patch before you progressed past that point in the story then you connected to the internet and installed it or you stopped saying no to installing. its is then found in the regalia shop.

  6. J

    How to unlock regalia Shop? Hahahahahahahaha

    1. P

      Since no one has told ya, the Regalia shop is available if you go into the map while auto driving around (not fast travel)

    2. H

      Just press X next to the Regalia and choose the Shop option.

  7. M

    i found a better place to farm ap using the beast whistle. there is a spot directly between hammerhead and cottise haven campground then a bit to the right on the minimap where you stand behind the little mound and every time you blow the whistle 2-4 level 2 beasts come up in a bunch at the exact same spot instantly every single time so you warp them with the shield of the just for 4 ap. i get tons of ap there that i filled my ascension in a day.

    1. K

      to add onto this, the spot is right where a bunch of beasts are already hanging out. kill them and blow the whistle where they were roaming. youll easily be able to see this spot.

      1. P
        PSN dodgydave2007

        Love it!

  8. B

    ap farming still working after the 1.03 patch?

  9. M

    yeah, i just found the spot yesterday. it would be alot better if i could stop prompto from instantly kiling all four sometimes with his one shot. but its still an amazing spot. ive even had 5 come up at once and they all instantly die with the shield of the just. then i blow the whistle and they pop back up again to warp strike. rinse and repeat. it’s tough to put an exact number on it because of the ally and chocobo interuptions but its several dozen ap per minute.

  10. T

    Also upgrade your camping for 3AP a camp plus driving AP. Some say the beats need to refresh, so you drive across the map and back, camp if you need to, that should refresh bests as well plus net you the other AP

    1. T

      Farming down near Crestholm Channels in the Ostrum Gorge while the barricade is closed works too. Plenty of low-level soldiers and warp points to warp strike with. and they seem to respawn daily.

  11. U

    Since the release of the holiday pack, be sure to equip the accessories: +1 AP for A+ Offence and +2 AP for A+ Time. Just about doubles the AP gain on average.

  12. N

    If you got either or both of the Holiday DLCs, slap on the Warrior’s/Blitzer’s fanfare accessories for an extra 3 AP/fight.

  13. C

    I dont have the whistle and i cant find it anywhere
    Ive alread beaten the game and am lvl 84

    1. L

      The whistle itself doesn’t say beast whistle it says summon enemies in the same screen you call your chocobo.

  14. H
    Heavy Jester

    I know it’s been a few, but I’m just now slowing down enough at work to start this game. In HH use DLC ap+ items, shield, but I still get soldier drops, so I use propto’s gravity well and hit every troop with shield of just. 7-10 AP in one shot plus 3 AP for time and offense. Hope it helps anyone who hates grinding.

  15. N

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to discuss this and show their love (or at least an appropriate level of discernment for one of my favorite series. Seriously, I wish you all knew how much it means to me that everyone is able to get on here and work together and help one another. I hope nothing but the best for each of you.

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