FFXV Monster Claw Locations

Monster Claw is an item you can get in Final Fantasy XV. It’s classified as a treasure item, which means it can be sold for a handful of gil. If you hold onto it, you’ll get the chance to use it in A Better Force Stealer quest, to upgrade one of your unique weapons. It can be difficult to acquire if you don’t know where to look, since there seems to be only one way to obtain it reliably. In this guide, we’re going to list Final Fantasy XV monster claw locations, to help you upgrade Force Stealer.

Monster Claw in Final Fantasy XV

The only place we’ve discovered it is the Malmalam Thicket dungeon, in the southwestern corner of the map. It’s a dense jungle area, and there’s a level 38 Bandersnatch at the end. If you defeat this boss, he’ll drop a monster claw. It’s a guaranteed drop. It’s possible you’ve already been here, in your quest to collect all Armiger weapons. If you have, hopefully you hadn’t sold the claw.

However, if you have sold it, you could try looking for other Bandersnatches and killing them. There’s one near Hammerhead, by the road towards Insomnia. We couldn’t get it to drop the claw, but it might be a random chance. There also could be a hunt quest with a Bandersnatch or two involved. They may not drop the claw when you defeat them, but if you’ve sold the one above, you don’t really have many options.

Cid will need some to to implement the ehnacements, so you’ll have to finish a couple of quests and rest before you get your weapon back. If you’ve discovered another reliable way to obtain this item, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We’ll update the guide if we find another option. Stay tuned.

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  1. D

    With finding another monster claw I went to Hammerhead crater and fought him with my buffs on, I used the Mother & Child Rice Bowl (HP Boost +1,000 EXP Boost 30% and Drop Rate Boost 50%) got it on my first try. I highly recommend anyone to use this dish to farm.

    1. M

      This definitely works! Also, I would equip a great sword like the Hardedge. Eating the dish and using the Hardedge got me TWO monster claws. I would also save right before entering the crater. That way you can reload if the monster claws does not drop.

    2. S

      Yea. I also equipped noct with Raiper Lance since Bandersnatch is weak to polearms and it increases chance to break appendages. I also took the advice and used the 30% bonus to drop rate from mother and child rice bowl and luckily got the monster claw first shot. i accidentally used my magitek core as an elemancy item for the upgraded drill breaker and missed the magnetron some how in chapter 13 and if i got it prior also noobed it up and sold it. Also still on the hunt for hydraulic cylinder for the gravity well upgrade

  2. C

    Hey y’all. I have the sword and the claw, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it to cid. Do I need to be on a quest? When I talk to him he only brings up the rusted bit for the crappy engine upgrade. Any hep is appreciated!

    1. B

      You can only do one weapon upgrade at a time. Do the engine upgrade it’s worth it once you get all of them.

    2. D
      Dirt McGirt

      That cappy engine blade turns into one of the best weapons in the game. The Ultima Blade

  3. B

    might have been posted earlier, but the bandersnatch also spawns just north of hammer head in that little bit area. i think theres a hunt to go there and kill some birds, anyway, if u dont have a hunt for that location, i think the bandersnatch is always there? seem him 3 times at least now.

    1. M

      The Bandersnatch north of Hammerhead drops the claw. I think you just have to break the face. Having the Perception perk from the Mother’s curry helps.

  4. B
    Benjamin Street

    Old Lestallum offers a quest to slay the bandersnatch, in Mammalian. Got the drop first time.

  5. E

    all i did was go to the hammerhead spawn and used my armiger and aimed at his feet and got it first try

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