FFXV Better Gravity Well Quest

Better Gravity Well Quest is a side quest you can do in Final Fantasy XV. Gravity Well is a machinery weapon.
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You can find it in one of the story missions during the game. The weapon blasts your opponents with a powerful shock wave, and then pulls them in with a gravity sphere. You can see how this weapon can be devastating to the enemies. So, if you use it frequently, you’ll really want to upgrade it and maximize your damage output. In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade Gravity Well in FFXV.

Better Gravity Well QuestNote: This guide is a work in progress. We will continue to update it as we gather more info.

FFXV Gravity Well Upgrade

This upgrade to the Gravity Well requires you to have a hydraulic cylinder. If it’s already in your inventory, head over to Cid Sophiar’s location and hand him the item. It’s worth mentioning, however, that hydraulic cylinders are hard to come by. Even worse, it’s easy to assume that it’s a worthless piece of garbage that is only good for some petty gil. Either way, if you’re having problems with locating hydraulic cylinders, check out our Hydraulic Cylinder Locations guide.Either way, once you’ve gotten hold of the hydraulic cylinder, make your way back to Cid Sophiar as soon as it’s convenient. Once there, unequip the Gravity Well in case you’re carrying it. Then, give both the weapon and the cylinder to Cid. He’ll start working on building your new weapon, but it might take him some time. To pass the time until it’s finished, you can roam about and finish up some side quests or hunting jobs. Check back in with Cid after a while and he’ll present you with your new and improved Gravity Well, with better stats and higher damage output. You’ll also get a small amount of EXP for completing the quest.

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